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13 February 2008 1:16 am 1 comments

Leaving is hard. Just finished packing my 20kg bag -- taking all my clothes off their hangers and folding/rolling them up made me sad. Going to dad's for the last time. Saying goodbye to stepmom, brother, and house.. Ugh I'm such a sap. Going to miss Brynna and my mum so much too.

Slightly over one more day in KL. Got my teeth checked already, and my hair cut. A little annoyed at the moment cos I wanted to eat nasi lemak before I leave but I have a sore throat. :(

Finally did something about my weight gain over the weekend -- went swimming on Saturday and to the gym on Sunday. Going to the gym makes me feel like a fool cos I have to take direction from my 13 year old sister who's been gymming for the past year. -.-

It's kind of funny that I've been spending so little time online in Malaysia, except to download my tv shows, and do some random surfing/bloghopping. I spend nearly all of my time in Melbourne online; but I guess that's because when I'm there I have nothing else to do when I'm not doing coursework.

Time to sleep! I have a busy day ahead..

Happy CNY

07 February 2008 11:38 pm 3 comments

One week to go. Next week at this time I will be in Melbourne.

Gong Xi Fa Cai all!
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