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Happy Chinese New Year!


27 January 2006 12:59 am 0 comments

Remember I mentioned that my lecturer Anwar told us to look for a site for our coming project, this next semester? The site and our new project proposal has to tie in with our thesis, which we wrote last semester. Well my classmates and I met up on Tuesday to search for our individual sites together; so we drove around the whole of KL taking pictures of whichever sites we thought suitable.

Today we went to DBKL to obtain copies of the site plan, sections, elevations, etc; because our lecturer told us to do so. Turns out that no one is allowed to make copies of the original documents except the owner of the building, or the architect. We did think of that, but we thought we could get copies as our lecturer told us it was possible, plus we had a letter from the college.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we had 15 buildings on the list, and DBKL had no record of any of the plans anyway, because they were all pretty old buildings, and no one had submitted any plans for those particular buildings. So basically today was like a wild goose chase. We went all the way there, and spent like 5 hours there, for nothing.

I feel cheated. Now I have to go back to my stupid creepy abandoned site armed with measuring tape and take the measurements myself, next week. :( This stupid site stuff is taking 2 weeks out of my 5 week holiday. Damn.

Oh, I tried out a few designs yesterday.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Tried a few types of french manicures, although I haven't learned how to paint french yet.

Image hosting by Photobucket
I copied this pattern off some website.

Being crafty

23 January 2006 12:30 am 10 comments

When I started this nail art course, I never quite expected to actually make money out of it. I enrolled myself in the course purely out of interest, and mostly because I wanted to learn how to paint those funky designs on my own nails.

So. What have I learned so far? I've learned that as a manicurist, it's difficult to maintain my own nails because I'm constantly working on other people's nails. I get nail polish, nail glue and scratches from the file on my nails all the time. Oh, yes. According to my teacher, I'm supposed to be a nail technician, because I not only do manicures, but I can also do nail extensions. So there. :P

Anyway. Last Friday I had my first two official [read: paying] clients [previous ones didn't count because they were my friends or my mother's friends]. Worked for 3 hours and made RM50, which, to me, is quite a lot. Sure, I could be making more, but I'm currently charging less because I'm still a beginner.

Felt pretty nice; making my own money for the first time. Granted, I've worked at my dad's supermarket before, but that doesn't count because they were just giving me face la. They overpaid me because I was the boss's daughter and I hardly clocked out whenever I went out for lunch or dinner. [Yes, I cheated. :P]

In fact, a few days ago, I bumped into this lady in the elevator. She owns a boutique, and she told me that she's got lots of customers who are interested in nail services; and that I should drop by her shop when I have the time. I don't know if I will; classes are starting soon and I'll get really busy with ID stuff.

Anyway apart from all that nail art stuff I've been making some more stuff in my free time.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
Would this be fit for a guy? I put in the key because I thought it plain, but now I'm really not sure if the key is suitable. :P

Image hosting by Photobucket
Earrings; but they're not complete. I reckon I need more beads.

Random pictures

16 January 2006 8:52 pm 4 comments

I had some pictures in my camera and just thought I'd upload them.

Image hosted by
I know it's pretty late to post this, but my mum gave me this for Christmas. <3

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Lay Kheng's sister, Lay Teng brought this pair back from the UK for me. It's adorable. :)

Image hosted by
I made these earrings a few days ago. The circles are not perfect because I can't find my memory wire and don't know where to buy more, so I had to make do with flimsy craft wire.

Image hosted by
Heart pendant, from polymer clay.

Image hosted by
Polymer clay basket.

Image hosted by
Was experimenting with my nail polish and came up with this colour -- electric blue. I like the brightness.

I've been super bored today. All I've been doing is bum around the house. It's real sad.


15 January 2006 9:12 pm 2 comments

A few days ago, my grandma asked me to remove my bedsheets so they could go into the wash.

I said I would but eventually didn't, because well, I got lazy.

Today it rained heavily, and Wazir and I forgot to close the windows in my room. Needless to say, the bed got wet; and I had to change the sheets anyhow.

So, basically I suppose that I should listen to my grandma more. :P Serves me right.


12 January 2006 7:51 pm 2 comments

It's funny.

A few years ago, if a malay or indonesian song came on the radio, I'd immediately change the channel because I found it annoying.

Now, when a song like that comes on, I find that I actually recognize some of the songs and I find myself humming along.


These few days I've been so bored. So I took out my beads and polymer clay and want to make some jewellery. But I need more supplies. So.. Do any of you know where I can get silver chain? Need some to make earrings and whatnot. Am also running low on jump rings. :/ Anyway here's an example of stuff I'm looking for on ebay.

What I remember of my week

09 January 2006 10:52 pm 3 comments

Monday ::
Spent the day painting the house and varnishing the wood timber [lol ;)] furniture with my mum and Yew Sun. Went out for drinks with Sun, Christine, and Weng Kiat [who, by the way, I haven't seen since SPM. It's nice to know he hasn't changed a bit. =)]

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Tuesday ::
Watched 2 movies with Wazir -- Narnia and King Kong. Tried shopping but neither one of us saw anything we liked. Met up with Yen and Sun at Coffee Bean that night; the final time seeing them both together as Yen was off to uni for exams the following day.

Image hosted by

Thursday ::
I went to see this chiropracter in PJ, and had to wait an hour to see the doctor, even though I had an appointment. Was told that my previous X-Rays were lousy and I had to redo them.

Friday ::
Went to KJ to get new X-Rays done, before going back to the chiropracter. Waited 1 and a half hours this time [!!!]. Apparently I have mild scoliosis, and a short left leg, among other things. :/

Saturday ::
Breakfast with more Cempakans :: Mae [who just left for UK yesterday], Trish, Shanks, Mars, Galv, and Sun [who's leaving for UK tomorrow]. I've missed you guys. :)

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Image hosted by

Sunday ::
My cousin got married, so I was pretty much out all day.

My god. One week passed too quickly.


04 January 2006 3:26 pm 0 comments

Okay, I know. I've been too lazy to update lately. I keep writing entries halfway then wandering off, and then I forget about it and never get it done.

I've been pretty busy these past few days; not from doing college work, but from just meeting up with friends, going out, and lazing around. It feels great. :)

So I promised a bunch of pictures, and here are some. There are still tons more but I can't really be bothered to upload them all right now. :/ Because I am the laziest bum ever. :P

Wern's birthday, a few months back.
Image hosted by
Wern and Feez.

Hartamas Square with college mates.
It was the last day of college for this semester, so we went out for dinner just to celebrate our newfound freedom from Cenfad. Anthony's off to China, Joe to Kelantan, and a few others were already out of town. :/
Image hosted by
Anthony Brudder and D.

Image hosted by
My darling and me.

Image hosted by
Joe, Anthony, Wazir, and me.

Image hosted by
Me and Stacy.

My father and Lay Kheng's wedding.
Most pictures don't have me in it because I was taking them. Duh.
It was quite a hectic day but dad and Lay Kheng looked happy. :)
Image hosted by
After prayers.

Image hosted by
The bouquet.

Image hosted by
A toast.

Image hosted by
So happy together.

Image hosted by
With some relatives.

Image hosted by
Even more relatives.

Image hosted by
My two nephews and niece. Too cute for words.

Image hosted by
The whole family; clockwise from left: me, dad, Lay Kheng, Brynna and grandma.

The resizing is a little funny because photobucket is annoying, and I am too lazy to photoshop. Anyway, more pictures to come, soon. :)
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