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Paycheck Number One

30 March 2010 10:20 pm 0 comments

Today, I received my first full paycheck ever, marking my first whole month of work, and being an adult. Sure I've worked before but it doesn't really count, since they were all part time work.

Work has been quite good, being a small company I get more responsibility and learn more on the job. But it also means less colleagues; I have 4 at the moment but 1 is leaving soon, and they all appear to be somewhat quiet people, although I reckon they are opening up a bit more to me. I wouldn't call myself a huge talker but in the office I think I am beginning to be known for that. -.- I guess I'll give it a bit more time.. ;)

Again, another backdated post I never got around to posting. -.- Shit I'm terrible at blogging.


29 March 2010 9:32 pm 0 comments

A couple of weeks ago I discovered some bad news - I've been having pains for a year now and I always thought it was just me being unfit, but it turned out to be a bit more serious than that after all.

It basically started about a year ago in Melbourne when I complained of a rapid, pounding heartbeat and I was having a little bit of difficulty breathing every now and then. I mostly thought it was due to the stuffy stairwell at the house, and my housemates' smoking. But I did get it checked out by a doctor as advised by Wazir, and she did an ECG, thinking it was a heart problem, and although my heart rate was a bit fast, she said it seemed normal, and that was that.

Ever since I came back to Malaysia, I found that the palpitations were just getting worse, so I figured I would get it checked out one more time, and the moment my GP looked at me she said it was thyroid, and sure enough a blood test confirmed that. I was totally freaking out, like what the hell is thyroid anyway? How did my neck swell up for a year without me noticing it at all (I suppose I'm not that vain after all lol)? I saw a specialist next week and I'm currently on medication, although it hasn't been long enough for me to see effects yet.

But I feel pretty enlightened to know what it is finally, to get an answer to the uncomfortableness that I have been experiencing for so long. I get hot flashes all the time (sweat like mad also.. gross!), get headaches because my heart pounds so hard I can feel it everywhere, and have a bit of trouble sleeping at night.

And everyone has been incredibly supportive so I am very lucky indeed.
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