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Happy New Year

31 December 2005 1:28 am 2 comments

It feels great to be free of Cenfad, even though it's only for a month. [Anwar did give us an assignment thought -- we have to search for a site for our next project. Grrr. We never get real holidays here.]

Anyway, I'm on holiday now! :) I've been waiting for this day to come, and it has, and I am too shit tired to do anything right now. The past 3 months have been soooo damn hectic.

So.. My dad is getting married tomorrow, so I suppose I won't have much time to blog; so Happy New Year to all of you, in advance. :) Have a great year!

Should be putting up quite a number of pictures soon. :)

Merry Christmas

25 December 2005 8:56 pm 3 comments

Okay, I don't have time to formulate a proper entry. But I just wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. :) Hope you guys had a great day.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my dad.

Thanks Cenfad

17 December 2005 9:41 pm 2 comments

My holiday only starts on the 29th 30th.

I'm going to be super busy these few weeks, because I have a big presentation on the 23rd, then I am given an additional week to upgrade my work. Then my dad's wedding is on the 31st, so I'll also be busy until then.

Christmas is coming and I'm feeling guilty because I want to spend Christmas with my mum but it's also my dad's birthday, and his weekend. I'll be in Taiping with him and Lay Kheng's family. Also feeling bad because I haven't done much Christmas shopping; time is my enemy right now.

To those coming back from the UK, I hope to meet up with you guys, but bear with me if I won't be able to make it out much this year. But don't forget about me, kay? :P I'll try my best to get out of the house. After the new year, I should be super free. :)

Thanks, Cenfad, for making this Christmas a miserable one. I owe you.

Such a mess

11 December 2005 4:13 pm 4 comments

My dad's maid ran away, Friday night. Presumably with some Malay guy who she made friends with. Sigh. So, so stupid of her. I hope she's okay.

We're still in shock. We've always gotten on well with her, and she was particularly excited about the wedding, which is in a few weeks. Oh well.

She didn't even have any cash on her, nor did she take any from us. Dad was still holding on to some of her salary, and well, yesterday we spent it buying ourselves a new washing machine, since the old one had to be sent for repairs. At least some good came out of it, I guess. :P

Happy Birthday, darling.

09 December 2005 11:21 pm 1 comments

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I had a great day.

Good and Bad

08 December 2005 10:47 pm 3 comments

The bad news ::

1. I'm still sick; in fact I've been feeling worse. A few days ago it was just an irritated throat, but now I've come down with a bad cough and the flu as well. Plus I've been puking. >.< Not a pretty sight.

2. I have a presentation and one class tomorrow.

3. There are still 3 more weeks of college to go, til my holiday.

The good news ::

1. I felt well enough yesterday to finish off my drawings and scan them, and today Wazir was sweet enough to help me colour them in photoshop and get them printed; so I got to get more rest today.

2. I now know how to do a proper, full manicure and pedicure.

3. I left Bernice's class early today because I was feeling really shitty. [actually, I don't know if this is good or bad.]

4. It's Wazir's birthday tomorrow, and I've already ordered him an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. I haven't actually bought him a gift yet, because I really have been too busy to go out.

Time passes so quickly

05 December 2005 10:09 pm 4 comments

Sorry for the lack of updates. I know my posts have been rather scarce lately. I can't believe one week went by so fast.

I had a really busy weekend -- helped out at the Education Fair at Mid Valley on Saturday, and spent Sunday working on my thesis and attending my uncle's wedding [but no pictures, because my camera ran out of battery and I left the charger at my dad's house].

Have been feeling under the weather and today it got really bad so I had to go see the doctor. The doc says it's probably because I've been stressed and tired, and perhaps also due to all the ciggarette smoke I've been inhaling.

I've got a presentation this Friday [which, coincidentally, is also Wazir's birthday =)], so wish me luck! I've also yet to get Wazir a gift. If anyone has any brilliant ideas, let me know. =)
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