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Creative Writing

29 September 2005 11:09 pm 2 comments

Well. I had my first class with Bernice today, Creative Writing. It's a fun class, really. But I find it hard to enjoy because, yes, she was right, it is a rather big group. We have to write personal monologues and stuff like that and frankly, I'm not comfortable sharing certain things with the entire class. I don't like telling and talking to people about the troubles I have and have had in my life, because they don't know me anyway.. What would they care? They'd probably just think I'm being some drama queen or whatnot. But yea. It's an interesting experience and it's a big improvement from the last class I had with Bernice; Literature & Composition. But I really would feel much more comfortable if the class was smaller or if there were more people I am close to in it. But I don't have a choice, I need to take this class this semester anyhow.

Someone phoned me during Bernice's class and I picked up and it was really noisy and I couldn't hear a thing so I hung up, cos she gave us some assignment. Sorry. :/

I am really really tired today. Class from pretty much 9.30am to 5pm. Then I came home and went to the gym. Fell asleep watching tv at 10pm just now. Guess that means I'm off to bed now. Or soon. Or maybe I'll watch some Family Guy reruns. :)

The emoness.

28 September 2005 12:43 pm 2 comments

Last night, I was looking for something in my room when I stumbled across my high school autograph book. I flipped through it and was saddened to think that we all left high school, believing that we would keep in touch and continue to see each other. Well, it's obvious now -- Sri Cempaka really disillusioned us. :P But really, I did have some really good times at that school [well, of course I did. I was there for 11 bloody years.]

I thought back to my school life and remembered stupid things that I had said or done, and I feel embarrassed. Not just then, actually. Even nowadays. I have put my foot in my mouth several times. I do regret doing and saying certain things, but I cannot take it back.

So, this is my public apology to my friends - I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings, or spoken out of line, at any time. I know I have a tendency to be too honest and blurt out my thoughts; and sometimes I tend to be too open-minded about things, perhaps around the wrong people. You all know me well enough to know that I do not intend to hurt anyone's feelings, or to bitch [unless I really dislike you ;)]. But no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. I'm sorry if I have ever let you down or broken any promises; if I have been cold or distant. You all know that I'll always remember each and every one of you. *hugs*

I know there are quite a number of you who read my blog but do not comment. I guess that's pretty much why I decided to start a public blog [my old one was private]. I blog openly now because I want you to know what's happening with me, and so that I can interact easily with my friends. So, if you have anything to say, just comment and leave a message. :) You know I love hearing from you.

I'm off now. Take care, you all.

It's an amazing feeling

27 September 2005 11:17 pm 2 comments

Watching my little sister grow up. She's really not a kid anymore.. I can't believe that she's so big now. But she'll always be my little baby sister.

Long post

25 September 2005 4:56 pm 2 comments

This has been one of the most hectic weeks ever; but also one of the best. Well, I suppose it wasn't that hectic, but take into consideration the fact that I've been bumming around doing nothing but sleep and eat for the past month... I expected my first week back at college to be a lot lighter.

I've already had to do two presentation boards on precedent studies for my first project; one was research on budget accommodations and one was a site analysis of the area I'm supposed to "build" my hostel on. And right now I'm trying to catch up on my reading, so that I have something to talk about when my teacher asks me tomorrow what my topic for my thesis is going to be. I'm thinking of writing something about art and science; how design and technology have to merge together in certain aspects and bla bla bla. Honestly I have NO idea what to write about yet but I think it's an interesting topic. I guess this is where research comes in.

For my electives, I wanted to take Graphic Designers and History, and the original timetable said it was on Tuesday morning. But then I checked the revised timetable and found out that it was Thursday morning, clashing with another class of mine. Fashion History clashes with my Monday class, and I already took History of Design last semester. So with all that out of the way, it only left one elective for me; the one I really did not want to do -- Creative Writing. Bleh. But then I found out that the class was full and intake was closed. So I had to talk to the admin and all that.. They're going to find a way to fit me and Stacy into that class next week. :/ But it still sucks anyhow. I don't want so many writing classes this semester. Stress la!

My mother, Brynna, and aunt went to Redang on Thursday, and they'll be back in half an hour. Wazir was so nice to stay with me and accompany me these few days because I don't really like staying alone. We spent most of our time doing our college work though. Joe and Stacy came over lots too; it's not as stressful when we get together and work all night.

But what I find so hard to believe is that it's only the first week of class, and between me and Wazir, we've already spent RM70, just on printing. I have a sinking feeling that this semester is going to burn a hole in my pocket. Speaking of printing, I went to the shop where I always print my work, and when I put my thumbdrive in the USB port, the computer couldn't detect it. So naturally, I reached to unplug the thumbdrive, but it was burning hot. Then I realized that the plastic melted slightly in one corner.. Fuck! The bloody computer fused my 256MB thumbdrive!! I am rather pissed off about that but I so didn't know what to do at the shop. The boss wasn't in and the woman there didn't know shit about computers. I asked her what happened and she was all like "Oh, I forgot to inform you that the USB port cannot be used for printing, you can only bring in a CD." I just walked off and went to Mailboxes in Hartamas. The help there is very friendly, although prices can be slightly steep. But they gave me a discount since I'm a student, and also because I printed so much, I think. I had to buy myself a new thumbdrive, and this time I got a Kingston 1GB one. Sorry dad. But I really need a thumbdrive. :/ 1GB!! I can fit a 2+ hour movie in that! But anyway. I think I'm going back to the shop to talk to the boss for compensation. What do you think I should do? And how much compensation seems reasonable?

I just met Mae, Trish, Marlyn and Galv for lunch at Modestos; and it was real cheap. Lunch at Modestos is a real good deal; 50% off pizzas and pastas. Anyway we went to the Flea Market at Mont'Kiara, just down the street and I bought myself a cute new sketchbook and a cuff bracelet. I was tempted to buy a fake LeSportSac bag but decided against it. There are so many things I want but don't need and I should stop spending recklessly. No pictures; my camera battery is charging. Oh, bumped into Nabila and her boyfriend at the market too.

Oh, I cann't believe that Daniel won Malaysian Idol 2!! What?? He got 68% of the votes?

Leo, Sonia :: I'm sorry I couldn't go for the Mid V blog gathering.. My mum's coming back from Redang at 4pm, and she's off to India at 5pm, so I have to stay home. Couldn't possibly leave the house at 3pm. :/ Hope you all had fun. :)

All in all, I've had a great weekend. I hope you all did too.


21 September 2005 3:24 am 3 comments

So, class has started, and in one day, I already have 2 assignments. One is to do research and a short presentation on budget accomodations [for backpackers or travellers who just need cheap places to stay] and the other is to find a topic for my thesis // dissertation. I've done the former, but I am seriously having trouble finding a topic to do with Interior Design. But it has to be good. I need to write probably around 10,000 or so words? Anyone with any ideas, help? :)

I wanted to take this elective which had to do with Graphic Design & History, and I thought it was on Thursday; but I just checked and it was actually this morning. >.< I'm such a spaz. So I guess that's one class missed already. Bloody hell.

Oh dear god. On a random note, I didn't know Graphic Tablets were that expensive.

Look Yuw Sun I am wearing your pearls ::

Image hosted by

They really are beautiful. I miss you.

Fuck man

19 September 2005 12:59 am 0 comments

Cenfad reopens tomorrow for the new semester. 3rd year Interior Design, baby. *buries head in hands* 9.30am class. Siao la. The earliest I've been waking up lately is noon.

STOMP was good. I only wish I could've taken pictures videos.

Another farewell

18 September 2005 2:42 am 0 comments

This time it was Jolene's turn. Pictures at the RSC, Bkt Kiara.

Image hosted by
Shankari, Bren, Trish, Yeong Shuoh

Image hosted by
Eugene, K.Ming, Yen, Yu Jin

Image hosted by
some of my fave girls; Shankari, Jolene, Bren, Trish, Yeong Shuoh

Image hosted by
Jo and Bren

Image hosted by
Shanks and Jo

Image hosted by
Jo and Trish

Image hosted by
Lil and Jassie hug like they haven't seen each other in ages. ;) So cute.

Image hosted by
Galv, K.Ming, Bren

Image hosted by
Group photo. Of course, there were more people, I was just lazy to take pictures.
clockwise, from top; Jo, Jassie, Eugene, Yu Jin, Yen, K.Ming, Bren, Galv

I hate saying farewell. Jo, you know I'll miss you. Feel free to take pics if you want, but if you want the original pics, let me know. :) If you're in the area this week, give me a call; even though I start classes this week, you never know when I'll be home. Love you.


15 September 2005 7:16 pm 2 comments

I thought that to overcome my problem with the comments spamming, I would install Haloscan; but in the end I decided not to, because I found that comments from 4 months back are archived, and are not visible to public [I think]. So instead, I activated the word verification option for Blogger comments. So now, when you leave a comment, you have to key in the characters like so ::

Image hosted by

I know it's annoying. I'm sorry guys. Didn't know how else to get rid of the spamming.


1:59 am 6 comments

I had the best day; kind of.

I love Wazir; really, I do.

[post-note] :: Why the hell is almost every entry I write being spammed with comments from "Anonymous"? Does anyone know how to get rid of this?


13 September 2005 11:58 pm 0 comments

We got tickets to STOMP! =) Sunday night. Whee!


12 September 2005 4:47 pm 3 comments

My mother has cut me off from using the internet after 11pm, so now I'm back to bumming off one of my neighbour's wireless networks. The signal is rather weak, but it's better than nothing.

Yew Sun has left for the UK; in fact, he left at 10am on the 8th [Thursday]. I didn't blog about it earlier because there was too much happening with me, and also I was kind of sad about it and I didn't want to think about it. But yes, eventually I have to face it.. He's not here anymore, and I guess I won't be seeing him until about June 2006. Time really passes too quickly. All of a sudden I find that everyone's flying off to the UK or Australia and I'm here alone. It's funny. I'm in Malaysia, our country, and when I entered Cenfad, I knew no one. But now I've got so many friends flying off to the UK and they're like in groups. Thank goodness I have Wazir.

So, here are some pictures from Friday night ::

Image hosted by
Happy Birthday to me.

Image hosted by
My beloved family. [- dad's side]

Image hosted by
The two people I love so much :: Brynna & Wazir.

Image hosted by
Wazir and me.

This was taken the night before Sun left ::

Image hosted by
Yew Sun, Yen and I. He wanted a picture with our fingers on our noses [??]. There are a lot more pictures, but mostly in his camera. I edited all of our pimples in this pic, don't you two love me? ;)

Yew Sun, I miss you. Try to call, or email every now and then, aight?

[post-note] :: Remember what I was saying about the connection? Well, while I was halfway through writing this entry last night, my neighbour switched off his [her?] modem and I got disconnected. Bah.

Birthday goodies

11 September 2005 12:30 am 5 comments

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
This year, watches seemed to be the in thing when it came to presents.
l-r :: From Wazir's mum, Lay Kheng, and mum.

Image hosted by
Bag; Nine West. From Wazir. <3333

Image hosted by
Also from Wazir. To replace my old one.

Image hosted by
Pearl necklace; from Yew Sun. I love it.

Image hosted by
Dragonfly handphone thingy; from Praveen [and Jade? ;)], and white dangly earrings from Jolene.

Well that's it for this year. Dad bought me a cake too, and I already got the Sony T7 and the Acer laptop from him a few months ago. =) Birthday pictures tomorrow; I'm too lazy to resize and upload now. Also, my photobucket account is full.

Officially eighteen

10 September 2005 2:37 am 6 comments

Yesterday [9th September] was the day where I receive the most SMSes, phone calls, and online messages in a day. Well.. It's all over now but I had a really good day all in all. Thank you to all of you who made my day special. I felt like such a princess. =) I really appreciate it, ya'll. It made me happy to know that even though I may not have kept in touch with certain people, they still remembered.

Thanks to :: Jin, Ian, Jeremy, Alvin, Weng Kiat, Praveen, Yen, Jolene, Dalia, Shah, Yew Sun, Shaza, Deesha, Kah Ming, Seng Yip, Joanne [who called from the US!], Lilian, Yang2, Sean, Wei Kit, Lay In, Mae, Siew Hon, Marlyn, Ravin, Farah, Knoizki, Leo, Jenny, Iris, Galven & his friends, Amir, Sundar, Kumar, Michael, Mary, Ninie, Harmeet, Sarah, Song Jun, Matthew, and Roz for remembering and contacting me. Plus family :: my mum, dad, grandma, aunt, Brynna, Lay Kheng. And of course, Wazir. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. Oh, and Harmz, happy birthday to you too. ;)

Also, thank you Jolene for coming over yesterday, you know I love your visits. Yen too, for calling me when I was feeling down [i.e., PMS-y] at 4am in the morning. Thank you Praveen for treating me to lunch today; it was great seeing and talking to you face to face again.

Last night I went out; Eugene Choong was having a get together dinner at his place, then I went to Luna Bar with Galv, Iris, Galv's friends and Amir. To be honest, I was rather disappointed with the place. Well the atmosphere was aight, but more to the working generation; so we did feel a little out of place.

So here are some pictures from last night at Luna Bar ::

Image hosted by
The bar.

Image hosted by
The pool. Very dim lighting. Romantic atmosphere.

Image hosted by
Iris and me sitting in the corner of the rather uncomfortable glass boxes.

Image hosted by
clockwise :: [sorry, i forgot his name], Galv, Jacky [I think?], Amir.

Image hosted by
Us again. We waited downstairs for ages until there was finally a table upstairs for all of 11 of us. Went up and discovered that it was a really small place, with only about 4 tables. No wonder we had to wait ages. :/

Image hosted by
We tried taking pictures ourselves but Iris kept directing the camera at me.

Image hosted by
I know I look insanely ugly in this pic but Iris looks nice so, what the hell.

Image hosted by
I liked the toilet signs. Playful.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
The interior, however.. It was unique, but unique doesn't equal great. I guess I just wasn't too impressed.

But yeah, what I liked about the place was that it was really cooling and there was a lot of play between the indoors and outdoors, and that was something different. The view wasn't that great though, apart from, well, KLCC. Ok. Perhaps I just expected too much, after all the hype and stuff. =P And I go to KL almost everyday when I have classes so maybe the view didn't impress me as much as it should have. Also, I've pretty much stopped drinking and going to bars and stuff, so I was out of my element. Anyway, it was a nice experience. I suppose all in all, it's a nice place to lepak la.

Anyway, moving on.. Today I woke up at 10 to noon to a barrage of SMSes, but it was Joanne's phone call that actually woke me up. Thank God you called, Jo, because I was supposed to meet Praveen at noon for lunch. =P So, yea, had lunch with P, then Wazir came over and stuff. Had dinner at Souled Out with my mum, Brynna and Wazir; then chilled at home. Last night dad sent over a cake so we did the whole cutting cake thing, then I watched a movie with Wazir at home. There's nothing like a nice quiet night in, really.

I hope all of you have a great weekend ahead. =) Night!

Catching up with old friends is always fun.

07 September 2005 1:14 pm 7 comments

I went out for dinner at the Curve; with Yew Sun, Iris, Marlyn, Galven, Sebastian, Emir, and Amir. We met up because Yew Sun is leaving this Thursday, early in the morning. I don't know if I'll be seeing him again before he leaves, but I really hope I'll be able to catch him tomorrow.

Before everyone arrived, Sun, Iris, Marlyn and I did some shopping.
Image hosted by
Cult dress. I didn't buy it; it looks loose.

Image hosted by
Iris and me. We tried the same dress for fun, and it looked so different on both of us. =P

I bought these ::
Image hosted by
Cropped tops. 2 for RM40, who could resist?

Image hosted by
Yew Sun and me.

Image hosted by
Iris and me.

Image hosted by
Sebastian and Yew Sun.

Image hosted by
The girls. =)

Image hosted by
Plus Yew Sun.
Marlyn loves purple, yes she does.

Image hosted by
And apparently she loves Emir too. =)

Image hosted by
clockwise :: Yew Sun, Bren, Marlyn, Amir, Iris.

Image hosted by
Galv and me.

And this picture will end them all.
Image hosted by
My father, with my nephews and niece. I love them all.

I'm trying to learn how to use WordPress; considering moving to chooiwen @ blogsome. What do you all think? Blogspot or blogsome? WordPress or Blogger? Comment, please?


06 September 2005 4:42 pm 1 comments

My posts have become more and more sporadic. Bottomline is, I'm on holiday, I spend my days eating and sleeping and watching tv. Now who wants to know the details?

On the bright side, this weekend I drove the Toyota all the way to Cheras and back, and dad says my driving has improved tremendously. I also drove mum's Sonata yesterday and it was okay. So... Now that I can drive on the road, how the hell do I park?

I had the weirdest dream just now. It turned out that Dickie [my lecturer] was an assasin of some sort and he gave me a gun and told me that I had 2 choices :: help him kill the other students, or he would kill me right then and there. It was seriously one super weird dream. *shudder* Yuck.

Anyway, I received my grades for my short semester today.
Design Communication 3 :: B-
Building Science 3 :: A-
South-East Asian Design :: C [ugh. Dickie punya pasal la nie]

Screw lah. Stupid grades. Still have a very low CGPA. Fuck.

Boing boing boing!

03 September 2005 2:21 am 2 comments

Today has been rather boring. I stayed home all day and conveniently woke up late so I didn't have time to clean the bathroom before I left mum's house for dad's.

Dad made me drive the Mercedes from Bukit Kiara to PJ [Brynna's piano class], then from PJ back to Kepong. I must say, I like driving the Mercedes a lot more than the BMW. It's a lot lighter. Hmmm.. Yeah. I'll just settle for the Mercedes instead of the BMW then. *nods* [Lol. Yeah right. Like I really care, actually.] Anyway yeah. Everyone keeps complaining that my steering is really slow, and that my hands and feet are not coordinated. I hate the fact that whenever I get into the car, I'm so short that I have to adjust the seat all the way to the front, and also raise it otherwise I can hardly see the front of the car. *sigh*

2 more weeks or so before I enter 3rd year of ID at Cenfad.

Have a great weekend ya'll. =)

I've been tagged by Fra

Seven things that scare me:

1. Rejection

2. Failure

3. Being on my own; loneliness

4. Horror and ghost movies

5. Losing the people I love and care about

6. The darkness

7. Natural disasters

Seven things I like the most (not including people):

1. My diary

2. My daily accessories :: 3 rings, white gold necklace, silver anklet.

3. My laptop

4. Shoes. Buying shoes.

5. Handbags

6. My sony t7

7. Money [haha no, I'm not that materialistic =P] My home[s].

Seven important things in my room:

Actually, this is a tricky question, because almost everything I own is in my room.

1. Bed, pillows & Doraemon

2. Laptop & wireless connection

3. Air conditioner

4. Books

5. Hairbrush & hairclips, lol

6. Clothes [!!!]

7. Desk

Seven random facts about me:

1. I cry really easily.

2. I don't get cramps or anything during my period // PMS, but I cry a lot.

3. I'm online a lot, but in MSN Msgr my status is always away, even though I'm not. But I could be. ;)

4. I can be a perfectionist when it comes to certain things.

5. I don't like emoticons. Not emoticons as in :) and whatever, but I hate those MSN Msgr and YM ones where they become a "cute" [kononnye lah] image and whatnot.

6. I sleep with a small light on. =P

7. I love Wazir. ;) [but you all know that]

Seven things I plan to do before I die:

1. Get married, and have kids.

2. Be able to provide for my family and also my parents, etc.

3. Be there for my friends and the people who need me.

4. Always be loyal to those I care about.

5. Get through college and university. [for now]

6. Get over my many fears.

7. Be successful in my career.

Seven things I can do:

1. Fry french fries.

2. Blog. [lol]

3. Read & write.

4. Sleep for 11 hours.

5. Drive with supervision.

6. Shop all day. [if only I had the dosh]

7. Run in my heels.

Seven things I can't do:

1. Hide my emotions from the people I'm really close to.

2. Forget about embarrassing situations.

3. Stop swearing completely.

4. Drive without supervision [alone]

5. Play squash without aching all over the next day.

6. Sleep early.

7. Dance.

Seven things I say the most:

I don't really remember the things I say..

1. So chomel la!

2. Uh-huh.

3. Okay, up to you then.

4. Whatever la then.

5. 'bla bla bla'.. kan?

6. I'm bored, entertain me.

7. Boing boing boing!

Seven celebrity crushes

Whoa. This one, I find hard to answer. I'm really not one to crush on celebrities and go crazy over them. But well.. I think Chad Michael Murray is cute. =) Oh, Adam Brody too.

Seven people that will do this:

1. Jeremy

2. Krystle

3. Knoizki

4. Jeremy

5. Yeong Shuoh

6. Christina

7. Jin

*note IF you want to.

When I think of what I did today, it's like a whirl of Cempakans. It's not often that I see my high school friends, but when I do, suddenly it's like whoa. Today's count :: 11. Yen, Hariz, Audrey, Eugene Choong, Yu Jin, Yee Hong. Sun, Iris, Tine & Amish. Melissa. It's really a small world. It was a coincidence to bump into Melissa and I discovered that she's friends with a junior of mine from Cenfad, Hanako. Small world indeed.

I just realized that I forgot to take pictures with Iris, Tine, and Amish. I have a couple of pictures of Yew Sun, but what the hell, I see him so much more. *smacks forehead* Bren the idiot. Never mind, it's not the end of the world. I'll still see them around, hopefully. Sun Sun, send me pics from your camera, tau?

Image hosted by
l-r :: Audrey, Yen, Eugene C, Hariz [looking high].

Image hosted by
Yew Sun on the cute elephant. *snigger*

Image hosted by
Yew Sun & me.
I really like this picture.
Shit. Looking at it is making me think about how much I'm going to miss him. Fuck la, can you just stay in M'sia Yew Sun??!! =(

Sigh. I'm not feeling too happy tonight, and I can't explain it. Shit la. I think.. It's that time of the month again. >.<
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