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You have got to be kidding me.

27 June 2006 11:41 am 0 comments

Okay, so I haven't actually made any announcements yet, but I was thinking of moving to a new site, hosted by Seng Yip, at soon. But I haven't gotten the hang of WordPress and didn't feel comfortable moving, so I was mostly experimenting with the layout, and exporting my archives to that site.

So I read some tutorials, and changed the hosting of to ftp and whatnot, and managed to export my archives to the new site, although they don't seem to work right now.

But my blogspot seemed to be fine, so I just left it at that and went to Perhentian, and told myself that I'd figure it out when I got back.

And now that I'm back, I go to my blogspot and am greeted by a huge header saying Yes, Paul! I want to be Happy and Healthy. Teach me Secrets of Living a Healthy, Happy and Exciting Life! What the fuck?

Damn. I didn't know that by hosting my blogspot on ftp it meant that I'd be giving up my address. And someone took it so fast? Fuckety.

Erm, til I figure this out, I suppose I will be blogging at Or I might just give up altogether. Blogging is so frustrating sometimes. Dammit.

PS> Can anyone help me sort out my archives and comments? They don't seem to be working although I think I did everything right.

My latest pedicure.

19 June 2006 8:01 pm 1 comments

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Because I am going to the beach on Thursday!

Photo overload.

15 June 2006 3:30 am 3 comments

Gosh. I haven't really blogged in so long that I've gotten all lazy.

Wazir and I just got back from Singapore yesterday morning, was there for almost a week, staying with my uncle and aunt. Had a great time with Wazir, but the sale was incredibly disappointing. Great Singapore Sale, my arse! Zara, Topshop, Forever21, and etc were all normally priced, except for the "bargain rack" which only has all the odd sizes anyways. The only places which seemed to be really on sale were Tangs, Isetan and Takashimaya.. Departmental stores, I suppose. Also, I read that there was a 50% discount on the 1GB Ipod Nano for tourists, so I was planning to get it, but it turns out that they're only giving out 7 a day, and people line up outside the store from 7am, when the store opens at 11am..! Insaneness.

So.. I got quite some money from mum to shop in Singapore as a graduation gift, but I didn't get to buy as much as I'd have liked with it. But you know, Wazir was with me and we had fun spending lots of time together, so it was worth it. :)

Anyway, I thought I'd put up some old pictures, from 27th May -- Cenfad's Icon Show, which is this exhibition that the students put up annually. This year was my last time participating, as I am done with my coursework -- just 3 more months of internship, then I get my diploma. I start my internship next month, with one of my lecturers. Honestly, I'm not looking forward to starting work already, but I guess it's got to happen some time or other. The sooner I get it done, the better, right?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This was my exhibition corner.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Some of my presentation boards.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The graduating class with some lecturers, in the interior design gallery.
l-r :: Anthony, Anwar, Danial, Natasha, Sarah, Stacy, Me, Maisarah, Adela.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Group photo.
l-r :: Joe, Wazir, Danial, Anthony, Sarah, Me, Stacy, Maisarah, Natasha.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Me, with my super high heels which gave me blisters. :( And I was still the shortest of the lot.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Wedding dress designed by Yenny from the fashion department. Damn, I want this dress.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This does not require a caption.

You Cempakans won't believe who I met at the Icon Show -- Datin Frieda, Dr Rizal, his brother Farid [I think], and this other woman [I'm ashamed to say I've forgotten her name. 2 and a half years away from school and already I've forgotten.] They were real nice; they came to look at my work and asked about my project and stuff, but I forgot to take pictures. :/ Apparently they were looking for broadcast arts graduates for some project. Meeting them kind of made me miss school, a little bit.

Oh, Wazir and I took Brynna to the zoo a few weeks back as well ::

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
We got there in time for the elephant show -- they were sooo adorable!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Oh so pretty.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This bear was so effing cute. He/she was just lying around, but when we approached, he proceeded to splash around in the little pond then walk towards us.

I have more pictures, but lots of them are either boring, or are of the snakes because Brynna has a strange liking for reptiles. Which really grosses me out. I can't even bring myself to rotate and crop the pictures of the reptiles. >.<

I was looking through my old passport before I went to Singapore, and found some old pictures of me. Here, have a laugh ::

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Little Brenny.

PS :: Oh, oh! And Happy Belated Birthday to Mae, whose birthday fell on 06/06/06 this year!! ;) I hope it was great. Much love. <333


07 June 2006 7:31 pm 2 comments

I just got the laptop back the day before yesterday, and since then, I've been in a frenzy reinstalling programs, plug-ins, and etc. But all is well now, and I am happy.

Also, I'm going off to Singapore in an hour or so. Will be back in a few days, so.. check back next week! Have a great weekend. =)


30 May 2006 4:32 pm 3 comments

I know you all probably expect me to start blogging more, since I just finished college, but again, there is a valid explanation for why I haven't been updating.

My laptop crashed. Apparently my stupid Windows XP crashed, so I tried using the Acer Recovery cd to format the first partition [or something like that la.. haha.], but it wouldn't work and I still couldn't access Windows. I took my laptop to the Service Centre in KLCC, and they couldn't even access my D drive to back up my data and etc, so I had to send it to the main service centre in Subang. They said they'll try to back up my hard drive, but if all fails, then they'll just replace the entire thing. Screw Windows. That's almost 50GBs of applications and data gone. Thank God I back up my college files once a week into my external drive, so at least most of it is still there.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I just sent the laptop to the service centre and I haven't been able to use it for about a week already. I'm expecting it back on Friday.

I didn't think I could live that long without the computer, so I borrowed my stepmom's NEC laptop. The problem is that it's super small and the keyboard is so tiny that I keep making typos.

There is so much to say, and lots of pictures to post, especially those of the Icon Show 2006, which is this exhibition Cenfad holds every year. So.. I'll try to update soon. This laptop doesn't have wireless internet so I'll just wait til I get my laptop back. *crosses fingers that the data can be saved* I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that I'll have to reinstall and redownload everything, although it was extremely frustrating at first.

-2 days // Free

21 May 2006 12:44 pm 1 comments

Wow. I find it hard to believe that I haven't updated in 17 days. See, I told you guys I'd be really busy!

The past few weeks flew by real quick, though. Basically, my classmates and I rushed like mad to finish our assignments, to make it in time for Friday's deadline. Rushed like mad = going to our studio in Cenfad every day from morning til early in the morning or so, and even sleeping over in the studio some days. The studio became like our second home for the last couple of weeks.

This is our studio. It is everything it looks like -- dirty, messy, dusty, smoky, etc. Pictures are blur because Wazir unknowingly took them with my camera while it was still on the magnification mode.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Stacy and Joe.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Me helping Iddin with his work.

I have lots of pictures from the presentation but I'm not bothered to do resizing at the moment. =P Anyway, I'm free now!!! Well.. Not exactly. I've got one report due Tuesday and another due Friday, but I've finished one. So, one more report to go for me, and I'm done with college. Can you believe it? 2 and a half years flew by way too quickly. Now, I've got to find an internship somewhere. Meh.

It's only been two days since the presentation, but already I'm starting to feel extremely bored and restless. The sudden lack of work and worry feels weird, but I'm not complaining. =) The whole class met up at the Coffee Hut last night and it was nice -- everyone looked so refreshed and happy, now that the tough part of the semester is over. We're now planning a trip to Perhentian together, before we go off to university and whatnot.

One more thing before I forget; yesterday was Yen's birthday, and I'd just like to give her a lil shoutout :: Happy 18th, dear. You're one of my oldest friends and still are one of the closest. I'm sorry I couldn't make any plans for the past week, but I promise we'll definitely do something this week.

Here's to our friendship.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I know this isn't a brilliant picture of the two of us, but I couldn't find that many. Which means that we should take more. =)

15 more days.

04 May 2006 12:30 pm 0 comments

Time for some pictures.

I think stress does horrible things to us. That, and Saturday morning classes at Cenfad. Behold.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Apparently, Danial + mustache = Mr Muchacho.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Stacy. And her thin, curly mustache. Hahaha.

Yesterday was Danial's 21st birthday, so Tasha planned him a surprise party. We met up at Green Lotus and waited like an hour for Danial to arrive. Unfortch, the surprise was slightly ruined because D recognized Joe's car parked outside the restaurant. :/ Meh.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Stacy and me.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Mai getting a kiss from the birthday boy. Took forever to convince him to do so, but the good picture was worth it. ;)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Birthday cake was huge.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
l-r :: Aizat, Iddin, Joe, Wazir. Muka bangang. But what's new? Hahah.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Us, together.

It was a fun night. I was really really tired, though. Didn't get that much sleep the night before, and had a morning class as well. There were about 15 of us but we didn't bother taking any group photos. The Thai food was good and reasonably priced. Good food + good company = fun. It's still pretty hard to believe that soon we'll graduate and this is our last month hanging out together. I've gotten so used to my classmates and their silly antics. =P

I hate being on prepaid. I just checked my balance -- I thought I had like, RM 10 left, but turns out it's RM 0.42. Wtf. Thank God I even bothered to check. But it's late now, so will have to wait til tomorrow to get my credit from dad.


23 April 2006 7:44 pm 2 comments

I just realized that I've hit more than 1000 hugs on the hug counter. I have absolutely no doubt that this is Praveen's doing. Oh, and maybe some of Yen's too. Haha. You guys too damn free la! But I appreciate it. Thanks! *hugs*

That aside, more bad news for today. Former deputy prime minister Tun Ghafar Baba passed away this morning. My deepest condolences go out to his family. Shaza, I'm so sorry for your loss.

I probably won't be much blogging much this week. My deadline has been pushed forward by a week -- one week has just disappeared into thin air! Four more weeks til final deadline. I can't wait. Wish me all the best!
Monday night an uncle of mine passed away. It was sudden and came as a shock to us all. I know I'm not exactly very close to my extended family, but family is family and I feel remorse.

Rest in peace, sa kor tiew. [sp?] You will be missed.

Apart from that, nothing much has been going on. Classes have been a bore. I'm about to repaint my toenails after this, but I won't be painting my fingernails for a while, because I have quite a lot of model making to do over the next few weeks. I've designed my business card already and will be sending it out to print soon, hopefully.


13 April 2006 1:28 pm 3 comments

So. Sunday was Cempaka's Annual Sports Day. Yen and I decided to go on a whim; we decided this on Friday whilst watching a Care Bears movie and blowing bubbles in her house [Hehe, yay to having silly fun, Yen!]. She wanted to see her brother march. This year's Sports Day was held at the KLFA Stadium.

Honestly, when I picked Yen up that morning to go to the stadium, we had absolutely no clue where the stadium was; apart from it being somewhere in Cheras. Amazingly, we managed to navigate ourselves there in just 20 minutes or so. A lot shorter than I thought. Parking was a bitch, it was super crowded, but we managed to find one after about 15 minutes. Getting out of Bandar Tun Razak, however, was horrible. We couldn't find our way back out and it took ages. :/ I also dropped Yu Jin off on the way back. That was my first time actually driving on my own, without my parents. :P But it was fun.

I took a few photos, but am just going to put up this one, since the rest are mostly of people marching, and the shots were not brilliant since the bloody bleachers were in the way.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Of Harimau pride.

I have to admit that I thought that Seladang did the best this year for the March Past. Definitely one of the most creative themes I've seen over the last few years. Harimau's theme, however, I thought was a little odd; no offense. Bugs. When I think of bugs I think of pesky mosquitoes and Disney's A Bug's Life and Antz. I think of insect repellent. Not exactly something nice to associate Tigers with. But I applaud them for their team spirit; it was great. Oh, and during the march I remember them doing this stomp that we used in my senior year.. Yay for marching and cheerleading traditions!

It's a sign that I'm getting older when I go back for a school event and I can barely recognize the students; and the juniors that I remember have all become seniors or have graduated. I find it hard to believe that it's been 3 years since I left school. Sometimes I miss high school, sometimes I don't. I miss everything being secure and happy and easy, unlike now. But that's about it.

And just for fun, more pictures of my nails.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Pink fingernails. I should've taken this picture last week; my nails are starting to grow out, hence the small gap between the nail polish and cuticle line.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Roses on big toe. I refuse to zoom in on my stubby feet.

Bloody photos took forever to upload. Photobucket is gay.

Oh, one more thing. I completely lost track of the dates and forgot a special someone's birthday; so here's a shoutout ::

Happy Belated Birthday Joanne!

I love you, you've been a great friend. :)


11 April 2006 1:37 am 2 comments

My weekend was good, but I feel guilty for bumming around half the time.

My Monday studio tutorial was postponed to Tuesday, then once more postponed to Wednesday. This worries me because I have studio on Thursday too, and it's supposed to be a critique session, and I don't know how much I can get done in that one day. Meh. I feel like I'm falling behind on work. Should get started making a model tomorrow, but I don't know if I have cardboard pieces which are big enough.

I got a car. Well, it's my stepaunt's, not mine; but it's mine to use for now. It was such a hassle finding a good parking bay to rent, but it all worked out fine in the end. I've got a good bay, just next to the parking entrance; but unfortch only til the end of July. Will worry about things later. Also had to spend extra on a car sticker and proxy card. Living in a condominium can be super annoying at times.

Come to think about it, if I lived in a landed house, I could park anywhere I want. I could buy tons of groceries and not need a trolley to take it upstairs [and have to take the trolley back down]. I wouldn't need to wait for the lift, and I could avoid awkward silences with strangers in the lift. I wouldn't have to carry a resident's ID and the card thingy that gets me past the pedestrian sidewalk next to the guardhouse, and past the glass doors before the lift. I wouldn't have to buzz visitors in, and they wouldn't have to register with the guards.

Of course it does have its advantages. I feel safe. There are facilities; swimming pool, squash & badminton court, playgrounds, etc. Err honestly I can't think of any more right now but there definitely are more.

But when I move out // get married, I'd like a landed house please.

Yet another tag. :)

04 April 2006 12:58 am 2 comments

Hmph. My air conditioner began leaking last night, so I have to sleep with the fan until my mum gets it fixed. It's so incredibly hot in my room.

It's back to Cenfad this week; back to the torture. On the bright side, however, I'm just slightly under two months to graduate [excluding the internship]. That makes me feel [slightly] better.

I just remembered that I was tagged by Shuen like, a month ago. So here goes ::

1. Thank the person who tagged you.
2. List five random/strange/weird things about you,
3. Tag five other people.

1. Thanks Shuen!

2. Me, weird?
♥ I'm really particular about the cleanliness of my feet. The first thing I do whenever I go into my house or a friend's house is to head to the bathroom and wash my feet.
♥ I paint my nails about once a week but I always get UHU glue stuck on them when I'm making models so I have to constantly patch them up.
♥ I have 50++ Archie comics, most of which were bought when I was little.
♥ I'm terrible at sketching from imagination.
♥ I have miniscule handwriting.

3. I'm not going to tag anyone because I know most people won't be bothered that much, so if you're bored and feel like it go ahead. =)

Have a great weekend ahead you all.
Today has been a barrage of bad news. Not necessarily pertaining to me, but bad news nonetheless. I feel sad. Life can make you feel so low sometimes.

More nails.

26 March 2006 10:20 pm 5 comments

My holiday has begun, but it doesn't really feel like one, mainly because my lecturer doesn't quite comprehend the meaning of "holiday" and I've got a lot of work to do. I already did plan to do some research and stuff over the break, but now I've got even more stuff to do. It's kind of depressing.

So as usual I procrastinate and find myself doing stuff like painting my nails.

Image hosting by Photobucket


22 March 2006 11:29 am 6 comments

If any of you remember, about half a year ago I had this problem with my LCD screen; what I thought to be dot pixels, but it wasn't. I meant to send it to the service centre but since it wasn't a major problem, I kept procrastinating. So a couple of weeks ago my laptop fan started making loud noises, and obviously that concerned me, so I finally took the laptop to service, and they changed the fan and the screen, so now it's all good. =)

I've been really busy this week, because I've got a one week break next week [I know I'm going to have work to do though :( ], and that means I've got a critique session tomorrow. Had to work my ass off yesterday and Monday to get all my work done, and even now I'm still not confident about it. :( Wish me luck, I'll need it.

Oh, I've also been indulging in this series that Danial passed to me: Hustle. If any of you liked Ocean's Eleven & Twelve, you should check out this British series. The seasons are rather short though, just 6 episodes per season. :/ But it's real entertaining. Loves it!

I've also finished my nail art course, so I suppose that makes me a certified nail technician now. Currently I'm pretty busy with my ID work so I'm just practicing & freelancing, doing nail work here and there whenever I can. So if any of you want to get a manicure, pedicure, extensions or nail art done, call me. :) Oh, if you don't have my number, please email me, yea? Prices are pretty cheap because I'm a beginner.

These are my nails, currently ::

Image hosting by Photobucket


15 March 2006 12:45 pm 0 comments

No, I have not disappeared off the face of the earth.

Last week, I noticed a couple of problems with my laptop and decided to send it to the service centre before the warranty runs out.

It's pretty sad when you realize that you depend so much on that stupid little machine. I have't been able to download and watch any videos this week, nor have I done any computer work for my college classes, nor have I been online til today.

The server in my house is quite lembap and the wireless adapter thingy in my room is not stable, so I won't bother for now. I should be getting my laptop back by tomorrow or Friday, if all goes well.


06 March 2006 7:26 pm 2 comments

Blogging isn't what what it used to be anymore. Not to me, at least. I've become so lousy at updating this thing.

I remember I first started blogging in 2001, when Yen introduced Livejournal to me. From there, I experimented with other LJ-based blogs like Deadjournal and Blurty, but eventually, I went back to using the LJ. Then I moved on to Blogger because it gives me more freedom with the layout.

With blogs becoming more and more popular, I hardly feel that I can write what I want anymore, without having to lock my entries. Now, when I write, I have to think twice before posting. I don't feel secure pouring out my thoughts. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why I don't blog as much as I originally did. Sure, my daily hits have suffered majorly, but what do I care. I write for me.

But of course, the entries have been less also due to the lack of my social life. Most of my friends are overseas. I spend most of my time doing work in front of the computer, making models, sleeping, watching tv, and going to class. There really isn't much to talk about; and I would rather not write a daily report about how my classes went. That would be seriously depressing. But yea, you all know the drill.

Today was fun in college, though. We had one-on-one tutorials (finally, a tutorial -- we've had too many critique // presentation sessions this sem). I have to change quite a lot of my model by Thursday. But my classmates and I had lots of fun just joking around and doing stupid stuff; I think we were all in a crazy mood today. On a lousy note, however, prices in the canteen have gone up. A can of soft drink used to cost RM 1.90 (which, imho, was already bloody pricey), and now it's RM 2. Meh.


26 February 2006 8:51 pm 3 comments

I am at a stage in my life where I am feeling happy. College has been, well, meh, things with Wazir are great, the family's okay... I know I haven't been updating, but really, I haven't been in the mood to blog at all. So many times I opened this page and stared at the blank, white box, but nothing came out.

This week was pretty good.

Jolene phoned me yesterday from Bristol, Yew Sun a few days ago from Manchester, and Joanne last week from New York. I saw Yen on Friday and we had a good talk. Trish and Marlyn invited me for a sleepover last night, but I didn't go. [I had some work to finish. It's was just one of those things where you want to go, but you know you shouldn't. :( Next time, girls, okay? It's my final semester and I need to get serious.] It's great when old friends keep in touch. I feel loved. <3

I got my hair cut yesterday. This is, however, not a brilliant picture. I look so white and pasty because of the flash.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Today Mum and I went to this nail spa to get supplies from this woman and I got to practice doing a manicure on one of her customers. Unpaid, but good experience anyways. Got lots of supplies, which cost a bomb. But looking at them make me happy. My toolbox is incredibly full now. :)

I got tagged by Shan a couple of weeks ago, so here it is ::

Current time :: 8.43pm

What are you wearing? :: Tee and shorts.

Name something out of the ordinary on your desk :: There really isn't anything interesting here, just the desktop, laptop, books, and magazines.

Current favourite song(s) :: When you tell me that you love me.

Last thing consumed :: Rice and fish.

Last phone call received :: Wazir.

Current annoyance :: Nothing really, except that it's Monday tomorrow. :/

Plans for the rest of the night :: Watch CSI re-runs and sketch some layouts. Sleep. :)

I tag the following people :: Lazy la.. Well, anyone. Do it if you're bored and you want to. :)

Really, what was the point of that meme anyway??? Lol.

Oh yea, it's Kah Ming's birthday today, and Yew Sun's tomorrow. Hop over to Sun's and show him some love. :)

Of morning classes and sleepy-ness

17 February 2006 3:19 pm 6 comments

It's only the end of my 2nd week back at Cenfad and already I'm sleeping 4-5 hours a day. To some of you that may seem like a lot, and to some it may seem like very little; but I think it's too little. I come home everyday feeling so exhausted. Plus, it's been raining heavily all week -- imagine the massive traffic getting out of KL in the evenings!

This morning I had Dickie's class. I was half awake, and his lecture made me even more sleepy. Classes which involve a lot of talking really should not be scheduled for early mornings. Meh.

Anyway got a pleasant surprise during my break -- went to the cafe and heard someone call out my name. I admit that at first glance I didn't recognize them, but that's because of my tiredness, really. It was Yee Teng and Iphin; juniors from Cempaka. It's kind of funny seeing Cempakan juniors -- really, I lost contact with most Cempakans after I left that school. But it was nice to see them. :) Now I'm not the only ex-Cempakan on Cenfad campus. :D

I've got quite a lot of work for this weekend -- have to document my site analysis and make a model of my site. Got a headstart last night on the analysis as I have to take it to the shop to print by Saturday afternoon, as shops are closed on Sunday.

I'll be going to my dad's this weekend. Hope everyone has a good weekend. :)

Happy Valentine's Day

14 February 2006 4:20 pm 3 comments

Yeah, so I'm not really one to celebrate the overly commercialized Valentine's Day or anything, but to those of you who do, have a great day. ;)

I have no plans for today, apart from dinner with my dad. Wazir and I will go out another day.

I love you dear.


13 February 2006 12:24 am 0 comments

There seems to be a great deal of fireworks and lion dances happening at Mont'Kiara these few days. I suppose it's to mark the end of this Chinese New Year. Happy Chap Goh Mei, you guys.

I tried to take a few pictures but I've got shaky hands. :(

Image hosting by Photobucket
This was last night at the Plaza.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Err. Yeah. This is a very warped-looking Desa Sri Hartamas, because I couldn't keep my hands steady. :P


11 February 2006 3:02 am 0 comments

I just realized something. As hard as I try each semester, I never seem to get more than a B- for my Design Studio class. I've taken this class 3 semesters at Cenfad and my grade has always been a B- or a C+. For most of my classes, the grades increased slightly each semester, seeing as I probably made a few improvements. But this one is always stagnant. It's sickening.

But yea, design is difficult. Design is so subjective. If I can't do well at such a small college like Cenfad, imagine if I were studying somewhere else. Gosh. The thought of it is overwhelming.

A talk with Wazir today made me realize why I can't seem to do well for this class. I can't visualize crap. Sure, I can sketch; I can draw. But only if the object is directly in front of me. I can't visualize what an object looks like; without having to think real hard. I can't drive well because I can't seem to visualize and remember roads. I've been to the chiropracter like approximately 10 times and I couldn't direct Wazir there today.


Simple pleasures

08 February 2006 1:39 am 0 comments

Tagged by Mae and Wern.

Name five of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick five people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not use things that someone else has already used:

1. Love. Makes the world go round.

2. Watching tv and snacking in the middle of the night with my mum.

3. Lying in bed snuggling with Wazir.

4. Lepaking with friends.

5. Taking time off to work on crafting.

And I tag :: My new friend Ah Ling [I just realized that she's done it], Kei Li, Sun, Audrey, Sonia and Shuen.

I can't believe it.

04 February 2006 10:06 pm 2 comments

In a blink of the eye, my 5 week holiday has ended. I have to head back to Cenfad this Monday, at 9.30am. And I just found out that I have to attend prayers from midnight to 3/4am Monday morning. The inhumanity!

So, let's recap all that's happened over the last month or so.

I had to find a site for my studio project next semester. My father and stepmom got married. I had a few real clients and made some money doing manicures. I bought more materials and worked a little on my polymer and jewellery making. I downloaded lots of Family Guy, American Dad, Drawn Together, Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars on the laptop. I met up with quite a number of ex-Cempakan classmates. I spent a lot of time with Wazir.

All in all I had fun. It's sad that my lazing around has to come to an end. :P

Anyway, Chinese New Year this year was not too bad. I got more money due to the recent wedding and the expansion of my family, lol. Spent the 2nd and 3rd year of the new year at Genting with my dad, stepmom, sister and err step-uncles, step-aunts and step-grandparents[??]. It was really crowded, but still, a nice change from the extreme heat that's engulfed KL lately.

I'd better be getting along to write my site proposal. It's going to be back to college and lots of course work very very soon. Have a great weekend you guys. :)

Happy Chinese New Year!


27 January 2006 12:59 am 0 comments

Remember I mentioned that my lecturer Anwar told us to look for a site for our coming project, this next semester? The site and our new project proposal has to tie in with our thesis, which we wrote last semester. Well my classmates and I met up on Tuesday to search for our individual sites together; so we drove around the whole of KL taking pictures of whichever sites we thought suitable.

Today we went to DBKL to obtain copies of the site plan, sections, elevations, etc; because our lecturer told us to do so. Turns out that no one is allowed to make copies of the original documents except the owner of the building, or the architect. We did think of that, but we thought we could get copies as our lecturer told us it was possible, plus we had a letter from the college.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we had 15 buildings on the list, and DBKL had no record of any of the plans anyway, because they were all pretty old buildings, and no one had submitted any plans for those particular buildings. So basically today was like a wild goose chase. We went all the way there, and spent like 5 hours there, for nothing.

I feel cheated. Now I have to go back to my stupid creepy abandoned site armed with measuring tape and take the measurements myself, next week. :( This stupid site stuff is taking 2 weeks out of my 5 week holiday. Damn.

Oh, I tried out a few designs yesterday.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Tried a few types of french manicures, although I haven't learned how to paint french yet.

Image hosting by Photobucket
I copied this pattern off some website.

Being crafty

23 January 2006 12:30 am 10 comments

When I started this nail art course, I never quite expected to actually make money out of it. I enrolled myself in the course purely out of interest, and mostly because I wanted to learn how to paint those funky designs on my own nails.

So. What have I learned so far? I've learned that as a manicurist, it's difficult to maintain my own nails because I'm constantly working on other people's nails. I get nail polish, nail glue and scratches from the file on my nails all the time. Oh, yes. According to my teacher, I'm supposed to be a nail technician, because I not only do manicures, but I can also do nail extensions. So there. :P

Anyway. Last Friday I had my first two official [read: paying] clients [previous ones didn't count because they were my friends or my mother's friends]. Worked for 3 hours and made RM50, which, to me, is quite a lot. Sure, I could be making more, but I'm currently charging less because I'm still a beginner.

Felt pretty nice; making my own money for the first time. Granted, I've worked at my dad's supermarket before, but that doesn't count because they were just giving me face la. They overpaid me because I was the boss's daughter and I hardly clocked out whenever I went out for lunch or dinner. [Yes, I cheated. :P]

In fact, a few days ago, I bumped into this lady in the elevator. She owns a boutique, and she told me that she's got lots of customers who are interested in nail services; and that I should drop by her shop when I have the time. I don't know if I will; classes are starting soon and I'll get really busy with ID stuff.

Anyway apart from all that nail art stuff I've been making some more stuff in my free time.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
Would this be fit for a guy? I put in the key because I thought it plain, but now I'm really not sure if the key is suitable. :P

Image hosting by Photobucket
Earrings; but they're not complete. I reckon I need more beads.

Random pictures

16 January 2006 8:52 pm 4 comments

I had some pictures in my camera and just thought I'd upload them.

Image hosted by
I know it's pretty late to post this, but my mum gave me this for Christmas. <3

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Lay Kheng's sister, Lay Teng brought this pair back from the UK for me. It's adorable. :)

Image hosted by
I made these earrings a few days ago. The circles are not perfect because I can't find my memory wire and don't know where to buy more, so I had to make do with flimsy craft wire.

Image hosted by
Heart pendant, from polymer clay.

Image hosted by
Polymer clay basket.

Image hosted by
Was experimenting with my nail polish and came up with this colour -- electric blue. I like the brightness.

I've been super bored today. All I've been doing is bum around the house. It's real sad.


15 January 2006 9:12 pm 2 comments

A few days ago, my grandma asked me to remove my bedsheets so they could go into the wash.

I said I would but eventually didn't, because well, I got lazy.

Today it rained heavily, and Wazir and I forgot to close the windows in my room. Needless to say, the bed got wet; and I had to change the sheets anyhow.

So, basically I suppose that I should listen to my grandma more. :P Serves me right.


12 January 2006 7:51 pm 2 comments

It's funny.

A few years ago, if a malay or indonesian song came on the radio, I'd immediately change the channel because I found it annoying.

Now, when a song like that comes on, I find that I actually recognize some of the songs and I find myself humming along.


These few days I've been so bored. So I took out my beads and polymer clay and want to make some jewellery. But I need more supplies. So.. Do any of you know where I can get silver chain? Need some to make earrings and whatnot. Am also running low on jump rings. :/ Anyway here's an example of stuff I'm looking for on ebay.

What I remember of my week

09 January 2006 10:52 pm 3 comments

Monday ::
Spent the day painting the house and varnishing the wood timber [lol ;)] furniture with my mum and Yew Sun. Went out for drinks with Sun, Christine, and Weng Kiat [who, by the way, I haven't seen since SPM. It's nice to know he hasn't changed a bit. =)]

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Tuesday ::
Watched 2 movies with Wazir -- Narnia and King Kong. Tried shopping but neither one of us saw anything we liked. Met up with Yen and Sun at Coffee Bean that night; the final time seeing them both together as Yen was off to uni for exams the following day.

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Thursday ::
I went to see this chiropracter in PJ, and had to wait an hour to see the doctor, even though I had an appointment. Was told that my previous X-Rays were lousy and I had to redo them.

Friday ::
Went to KJ to get new X-Rays done, before going back to the chiropracter. Waited 1 and a half hours this time [!!!]. Apparently I have mild scoliosis, and a short left leg, among other things. :/

Saturday ::
Breakfast with more Cempakans :: Mae [who just left for UK yesterday], Trish, Shanks, Mars, Galv, and Sun [who's leaving for UK tomorrow]. I've missed you guys. :)

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Sunday ::
My cousin got married, so I was pretty much out all day.

My god. One week passed too quickly.
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