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11 April 2008 11:07 pm 0 comments

According to (which is basically my tv guide, thanks Yen!), I've spent 1 month, 2 weeks, 16 days and 50 minutes watching tv series so far. 0.0

Holy shit.

Anyway.. I have been sooo sooo busy! That's why I've been so shite at maintaining this blog. -.- I've got classes 3 days a week, and I work 2 days a week (well, 1 full day and 1 half day). But yea. And the rest of my time is spent doing my homework.

It's ironic -- now I have money but no time to shop. Previously I had so much time to shop and no money. -.-

You probably won't believe this, but last week I went camping last week, for my studio class. 20 of us went camping in the suburbs. I slept in a tent for 2 nights, peed in a little hut thing and didn't bathe for 2 days. Seriously. Anyway, pictures to follow later cos I'm too lazy to resize my photos at the moment, but I do have proof that I did go camping! :P


Oscar, Lynda, Farah and I; cooking.

Yin, and the same 3 girls. :)

Dinner. Huge crowd.

Everyone by the campfire. It was cold. -.-

Farah's and my camp! We decided to pitch it directly next to 3 boys' tent so we'd feel safe, lol.

And the toilet hut!
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