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Thanks Nuffnang!

29 September 2009 9:00 pm 0 comments

Last week the day before Wazir left I was expecting 2 things from the post office - a parcel from Baci Boutique and a letter from dad. I went to the post office to pick the items up to discover one parcel and one medium sized box! We were both like.. wtf? I was really surprised to find that the box was a welcome package from Nuffnang - with tons of great freebies. Let's see, I totally should've done an unboxing but I was too excited to open all my parcels so yea.. Lol. There was a tin of tuna, some Redken samples, a $10 voucher I can use at either Myer/Coles/some other places if I'm not mistaken, and some instant sauce. All useful stuff. (Damn I just went to Coles yesterday and I forgot about the voucher....)

Anyway I just wanted to say thanks to Nuffnang, it was a brilliant surprise I did not expect at all. Turns out the letter from dad arrived a couple of days later.

It's been a exactly a week since I saw him at the airport...


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I'm doing better.

Today I went out on my own for the first time since Wazir left. I know it sounds emo but yea that's me I'm sentimental... -.- Two days ago while I was Cadding my mouse malfunctioned. And btw I have 3 mice in the house, one malfunctioned last week, one only works on limited surfaces and the last one died.

My gracious uncle came over and lent me his canggih mouse but it somehow refuses to work on my computer desk, but it works when I try it on the floor or bed! And somehow the clickwheel is really smooth, instead of clicking bit by bit if you know what I mean, so I keep zooming in and out like crazy on Cad. So today I went to look for a mouse, and considering my luck with mice you can imagine how paranoid I was! I went to Big W, Officeworks, Harvey Norman, Dick Smith and JB Hifi. All that trouble to look for a mouse. And the SAs could not tell me whether their mice's scroll wheel was smooth or clicked, lol. It was so frustrating! And it didn't help that this tv adapter that I bought at Big W kept beeping at every store I went! (Oh my uncle gave me a HDTV USB thingamajig that lets me watch television on HD on my laptop, and my housemates helped set me up and it's awesome! The Go! channel is great, lots of American tv plus it records too so it's tons better than the regular tv we have in the house :) )

It took me more than an hour just to find a mouse. And in the end I settled with one of the cheapest I could find (which mind you, was not cheap at all!) - a wired Logitech mouse, which cost me $28AUD (sigh), and thank goodness when I got home and tested it out it the wheel clicks. Lol. :)

So that was nice. $28 spent somewhat well at least. Oh yea I just remembered that I spent another $16 buying some vitamins to help me sleep - it's been hard falling asleep these days; damn bed and room is too big for just me. Oh and btw I have not taken them today obviously (it's 4am now) - I was watching a movie with my housemates so of course I didn't want to fall asleep halfway lol. Plus I'm waiting for Wazir to get back from his parent's house in JB so we can Skype!


22 September 2009 11:41 pm 0 comments

He's gone home already.. :( Miss you dear.


20 September 2009 2:25 am 0 comments

You're still here but I miss you already. Oh the anxiety.

Selamat Hari Raya!

Just 1 week.

15 September 2009 4:08 pm 0 comments

Exactly a week from now we will be getting ready to go the airport. Will I ever be ready? Following next week, 6 weeks to go before I am free. I can't wait to go home next year. It's been too long.


09 September 2009 7:04 pm 0 comments

Firstly, I felt like posting to commemorate this moment. Today I turn 22 and it may well be my last birthday in Australia, but most importantly it fell on 090909 which I feel is a rather special date. :) I can't believe it's already been 10 years since the little kid in me was so excited about 090999 and here we are now. Anyway I guess I also wanted to say how grateful I am to everyone for thinking of me even for just a short while today and for their well wishes. :)

I know I haven't updated in a while but I think it's time to resurrect this blog. At least, I will try. :) I know I've been a little MIA lately, I just couldn't keep up with blogging, and now there's facebook and Twitter too lol.

I've been busy this year - I wrote a design thesis last semester and am now working on my final thesis design project. There's only less than 2 months to go before I am finished with my course and I'm really excited! :) Basically my project is about redesigning student housing to make them more comfortable and personal to live in. But it's a bit of a long story.

The downside is that Wazir has graduated and he will be leaving Australia in 2 weeks so I will be on my own for 1.5 months until my sister comes to visit. (haha I don't mean him graduating is sad but him leaving is!) So here we go LDR! But it's ok, 3 months apart isn't that long, we've gone through worse. :)

Thanks again guys! :)

About Me

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So here's the truth: I never quite know what to write whenever I'm asked to describe myself. Do I list all the typical 'about me' facts, like ticking them off a form, or do I tell you the most random, 'interesting' things, like my strange habits? And who am I anyway, apart from being a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend wife(!!!), a friend, and an employee?

But I'll give it a shot anyway.

I'm an interior designer who has somewhat recently entered the workforce, having graduated from the Royal Melbourne University of Technology (RMIT) last December. Upon graduation, I found myself making the hard decision to reurn home to Malaysia, which is something I didn't think I would do, after living in Melbourne for 3 years. But family and love trumps everything, so I made that decision and I'm back.

It has been exciting being back home, and also frustrating sometimes too, and this blog basically documents my musings and rantings. It's changed from when I first started this blog; then it was a portal for me to keep in touch with my friends; it was a time when high school had ended, and everyone moved on to college and university all over the world.

I may not be a regular updater, but I do try.
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