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05 January 2010 1:29 pm , 0 comments

Note: This is an old entry I never got around to posting, so I'm backdating it.

They say Malaysians complain a lot, but why wouldn't we when there is so much to complain about here?

Two days ago I went to Malaysian Cargo to pick up my shipment which I sent over from Melbourne last week. It took 3 bloody hours to pick everything up because of the inefficiency they showed us. First you go to one point and pick up an entry pass, then you have to enter the barricaded area, then pick up some documents, then get them verified, then pay the storage fees, then pick up the boxes, pick up a customs form, pay RM22.24 for some guy to enter the form details into the computer, then take the documents to some officer, then the boxes to customs for a check, then back to the previous officer so he can stamp them, then go to the first checkpoint to return the entry passes, then only could we leave. Imagine this, there were no other people picking up shipments and we were the only ones there, yet it took us 3 hours. How inefficient is that?

Yesterday I went for lunch with dad in KL, and after that we went to the public library for 2 minutes to enquire about library membership for my younger brother. I was wearing a skirt that fell about an inch above my knees and was told my the young lady at the counter, "Miss, next time you come here, please wear long pants." Now, look. I know that if I were working, or if I went to a government office, I would wear appropriate clothing, but this is a library. And a kids' library at that. It's not a big deal - I could wear long pants, but I don't think it is absolutely necessary to do so in this case. I don't think it concerns them what I wear, really. (Sidenote: also, do Malaysians not realize how HOT it is in this country? It is hot, humid and sticky - how do people wear long pants here??)

And above all, I've only been home for 4 days now and I can already see the display of biasness here - I see how Uncle Frank is treated nicely at service desks (because he's caucasian - sure it works to our advantage but how terrible is that?), and how people are extra friendly to Wazir (simply because he's Malay), but whenever I need to speak to someone about something they are less than helpful. Sure, I can send Wazir to run my errands and let him do all the speaking all the time but should I have to resort to that to get the service that I require?

Home & Happy New Year

02 January 2010 11:41 am 0 comments

Note: This is an old entry I never got around to posting, so I'm backdating it.

I'm home! Just got back a few hours before the new year.

Here are some of my resolutions this year:
1. Firstly, finish my portfolio within the next 1.5 weeks. A portfolio in design is a compilation of your work, which you would bring with you to an interview, to represent yourself and to explain your work.
2. To get a job. Be patient, humble, eager to learn. Expand my knowledge in design.
3. Be brave. Coming back to Malaysia is a whole new experience. I was very shy before, and when I went to Melbourne I had to be brave and do things on my own for myself, but now that I'm back it's difficult when people here are not as helpful and friendly. So I have to be brave and stand up for myself. Plus driving here is terrible! Have to have the courage to drive.
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