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Moving on

28 November 2007 9:40 pm 0 comments

I need to start my Christmas shopping. Dad doesn't celebrate Christmas, but it's his birthday so he gets a gift. And since it's Christmas, I buy gifts for his side of the family too. Mum is really into the whole Christmas thing -- we put up a tree, line the gifts under it, make Christmas wishlists.. It's fun and stressful! I have yet to buy anyone anything -- I desperately need to go shopping.

Last week I was at my dad's all week, it was totally tiring. He moved houses a couple of months ago but there was still a lot of things to be moved from my old room -- apparently even though I'm not around they waited for me to get back and do it myself -.-. Looking through all my old things I felt a strong sense of nostalgia. I never quite understood how spoiled I was when I was a kid, til I saw how many toys I had. So many giant boxes full of random toys, storybooks and magazines. I think there were nearly 10 huge ass boxes or so of just my stuff, and my room really isn't that big! Plus as you all know I'm a total sucker for hoarding things, so you can imagine how much shit I had held on to all these years. Suffice to say, Brandon will not be needing to buy any new toys or storybooks for the next like, 5 years? Damn I was some spoiled kid.

It's funny cos when mum moved out of our old house I took a lot of only present-day stuff, but I left behind so many things from my past; in my pink and white kiddy bedroom that I'd lived in since I was like 4? Everytime I went back to my dad's it was like I was little me again, surrounded by my bubblegum furniture, stuffed toys, childrens' books and other random toys. It was sad throwing and donating so much of it away but it was liberating in a sense. I'd held on to so many things for no reason -- simply because I'm sentimental, but so many of my things had aged without me even realizing it. My toys were all stained, my books yellow.. I'd even held on to my exercise books from my nursery days. I had flashcards from when I learned to read, books from when I learned to write; it was amazing. But it's all mostly gone now anyway. Time to move on.

I received my results for the recent semester online on Monday; and while I am satisfied, a part of me can't help but be disappointed. My grades were maintained but were more borderline this time. Oh well. It's still alright and I'm really thankful for that. I was so mentally exhausted this semester.


14 November 2007 3:38 pm 3 comments

Coming home was so berdrama.

Long (and embarrassing) story short, I kind of fell and hurt my back on Thursday night. And my flight was Friday afternoon. -.- It was so bad that I couldn't move/get up for more than an hour -- confined to my bed, with Nick and Loy Yang at my beck and call (for which I am totally grateful; thank you so much guys).

Got really worried so the following morning we woke up early and they took me to the RMIT doc, who informed me that it was basically just a muscle spasm thing and that I should be alright given time and care, but he gave me painkillers and some other meds since I was travelling.

So yea. Thought it would be alright, but I really wasn't able to lift any luggage whatsoever, so again the two guys, plus my neighbour Jack helped to drag all my luggage down the stairs; but I was worried about lugging the bags around in the airport too -- I couldn't even lift the bags onto a trolley on my own! Luckily I met this girl Siew Ching on the shuttle on the way to the airport, and she happened to be on the same flight; what a coincidence right? So we queued to check in together (the line was horribly looong but we met this nice uncle who invited us to queue with him, which I felt horrible about, but the line was really really really long!).

Anyway. Checking in was alright, although SC's bag was horribly overweight so she stuffed some things in my bag; and I felt really bad for having her to help me with my bags throughout the whole journey. -.- I hate feeling helpless but at that moment I really couldn't do it on my own. But on the bright side, I made a new friend!! I guess things happen for a reason, when you least expect it. Anyways my back is much better now -- it still aches but I can get around and do stuff fine now. :)

So. Being home has been great, but to be honest, pretty boring. I really don't have that many friends left in KL -- everyone's in Australia, UK, or somewhere else in the world! :P And the friends that I do have here are all working; so this leaves me super busy on weekends and super jobless on weekdays. I've really been bumming around and cleaning the house; maybe I will get a part time job soon. The fact that to get around in KL I'd need a car is also a factor, since I don't have a car anymore; so for now I am confined to my house and err Plaza Mont'Kiara and Desa Sri Hartamas. When it's not raining -.-. The rain has been a huge damper really. It's been raining like crazyyyyy, I haven't seen rain this heavy in ages, lol!

It felt good unpacking my bags -- taking every single thing out and putting things back into my closet; when I came back for winter break it was only for 2+ weeks so I didn't unpack properly. But now that I will be back for 3+ months, I could unpack and settle back in, and it feels good. It was nice to see my dad's new house too -- things look really good, there is so much more space for the ever expanding family. Mum might be moving soon too, and I went to the showhouse and the place looks great too. So much has changed since I've been away, I don't know where to begin.

Brynna has been away diving in Bali all week, so she's the only one I haven't seen yet.. And she gets back tonight!! :) Excitedness. She is going to yak my ear off, but it's ok. I haven't had to deal with her all year already, lol! Brandon is huge now, he's so much more active and friendly. I haven't had much time with him yet because my dad is away and again, I don't have a car to go visit whenever I like. It was great to see mum, dad, Wazir and Ah Yi again.. :) I've missed home.

Internet is super slow here!!!! I am 3 days behind on my downloads, since it takes like an hour to 3 hours to download a 40 min show in Melb, whilst it takes a day or two here. :( Sob sob. Hurry up Heroes! Prison Break! How I Met Your Mother! Desperate Housewives! So that I can start downloading Gossip Girl..... Wtf I am so addicted but it totally keeps me sane.

Wow super long post. Oh.. It turns out that my old phone number, the one that I've been using before I left for Melbourne, has not expired, so if you all still have that number, call me on that. Or msn/facebook me, really.

Oh yes, and good luck to all those still in Australia, having exams. :)

I love you Wazir. <3


12 November 2007 1:07 am 2 comments

Sweet home


03 November 2007 9:28 pm 0 comments

So over.

I love you Wazir. <3
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