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31 July 2007 3:00 pm 0 comments

I'm back in Melbourne. Arrived early last Thursday, and it's been pretty hectic since -- catching up on all the missed assignments. I'm pretty much up to speed now except for my history assignment, I think.

This semester I've got lots of morning classes, as opposed to the evening classes I used to have, so no more sleeping in for me. :( It kind of sucks because most of my housemates have morning classes too and there's always no more hot water left when it comes to my turn in the shower! :'(

Oh, I got a trojan last Saturday night, and Norton really wasn't much help. Norton's only useful with small little bugs, but whenever it's a major virus, it never seems to be able to do anything. -.- Why do I bother paying for Norton, really?!

Anyway, so I had to reformat the computer in the middle of the night.. I couldn't sleep without fixing the comp, lol. And I had to redo an assignment but it's all good now; apart from the 5-6 GB of videos that I lost. But earlier that day, I had just burned 20+ GB of videos, so I was lucky.

And I've finished reading Harry Potter! I've never been a huge fan or anything, but it is pretty sad to see it come to an end.

I'm still missing home a lot, but yeah 3 and a half months really isn't that long. In a way, I'm rather looking forward to this semester, and finishing it off. :)

Leaving on a jetplane.

23 July 2007 11:56 pm 0 comments

So with a heavy heart, I have to drag my ass back to Melbourne tomorrow night. I have to say that I'm not looking forward to the flight [I've just discovered how much I despise flying], and lugging my bags up the stairs, and unpacking. Going back to uni and starting classes [well, classes have started a week ago already :/], cooking and cleaning -- meh.

Classes have always been stressful for me, I feel; maybe because sometimes I'm not sure if this is the right course for me. I don't know if my course mates feel the same, but really, I find the work extremely stressful. Even though I received good grades last semester, my confidence is still low and I keep doubting myself. I push myself so much and I worry too much.

Coming back to KL has been fun, but it's difficult to tear myself away from home once more. I knew it would be hard to leave again, which is why I wasn't sure if I wanted to come back this winter break. But hey, now I get to be back in KL twice this year instead of once, right?

So now I look forward to coming back in 3-4 months. :) Bloody hell I hope this semester goes well.


18 July 2007 12:07 pm 0 comments

Oh shit. I've been so lazy with this blog.

Anyway I've been back in KL for one and a half weeks. I got my friend Shah in Melbourne to ballot for my classes, which just started yesterday. :/ Feeling slightly guilty about missing a week of classes, but I guess I'll just have to catch up when I get back. :(

Which is why I'm so not looking forward to going back. It's been great being back here at home -- seeing my family and Wazir again.. Some friends - Sun, Jolene, Trish's 21st! Cenfad friends... etc. I've put on nearly 4 kg even though I've only been back for such a short while! There's too much good food here! Being away made me appreciate the food more, lol.

Exactly one week til I have to go to Melbourne again. Nooooooooo I don't want to go anymore... :(

Big news.

04 July 2007 3:54 pm 2 comments

Holidays have been pretty good. Last week I saw Kiat, Sam, Sean and Dharen, as you can tell from the comment left in my cbox. =P And Lay In was in Melbourne so I met up with her a few times; we went on a tour to Yarra Valley and Puffing Billy, etc.. And I just saw Mae, Wern, Dharen and Sam earlier today. Oh, and I finally went to the Chadstone mall last weekend!

Anyways. I'm blabbering. But I've got big news!!

Wait for it.. [omg I'm watching too much How I Met Your Mother]

I'm going back to KL tomorrow night!!! I know it's totally last minute and all but mum surprised me with it and I'm coming back tomorrow night, but I couldn't get a flight back so I'm missing a week of class. So yes. I'm going home. :)

I can't wait to see Wazir, Brynna and Brandon! And the rest of the family. :) And all you UK people.. :)
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