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Today has been a barrage of bad news. Not necessarily pertaining to me, but bad news nonetheless. I feel sad. Life can make you feel so low sometimes.

More nails.

26 March 2006 10:20 pm 5 comments

My holiday has begun, but it doesn't really feel like one, mainly because my lecturer doesn't quite comprehend the meaning of "holiday" and I've got a lot of work to do. I already did plan to do some research and stuff over the break, but now I've got even more stuff to do. It's kind of depressing.

So as usual I procrastinate and find myself doing stuff like painting my nails.

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22 March 2006 11:29 am 6 comments

If any of you remember, about half a year ago I had this problem with my LCD screen; what I thought to be dot pixels, but it wasn't. I meant to send it to the service centre but since it wasn't a major problem, I kept procrastinating. So a couple of weeks ago my laptop fan started making loud noises, and obviously that concerned me, so I finally took the laptop to service, and they changed the fan and the screen, so now it's all good. =)

I've been really busy this week, because I've got a one week break next week [I know I'm going to have work to do though :( ], and that means I've got a critique session tomorrow. Had to work my ass off yesterday and Monday to get all my work done, and even now I'm still not confident about it. :( Wish me luck, I'll need it.

Oh, I've also been indulging in this series that Danial passed to me: Hustle. If any of you liked Ocean's Eleven & Twelve, you should check out this British series. The seasons are rather short though, just 6 episodes per season. :/ But it's real entertaining. Loves it!

I've also finished my nail art course, so I suppose that makes me a certified nail technician now. Currently I'm pretty busy with my ID work so I'm just practicing & freelancing, doing nail work here and there whenever I can. So if any of you want to get a manicure, pedicure, extensions or nail art done, call me. :) Oh, if you don't have my number, please email me, yea? Prices are pretty cheap because I'm a beginner.

These are my nails, currently ::

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15 March 2006 12:45 pm 0 comments

No, I have not disappeared off the face of the earth.

Last week, I noticed a couple of problems with my laptop and decided to send it to the service centre before the warranty runs out.

It's pretty sad when you realize that you depend so much on that stupid little machine. I have't been able to download and watch any videos this week, nor have I done any computer work for my college classes, nor have I been online til today.

The server in my house is quite lembap and the wireless adapter thingy in my room is not stable, so I won't bother for now. I should be getting my laptop back by tomorrow or Friday, if all goes well.


06 March 2006 7:26 pm 2 comments

Blogging isn't what what it used to be anymore. Not to me, at least. I've become so lousy at updating this thing.

I remember I first started blogging in 2001, when Yen introduced Livejournal to me. From there, I experimented with other LJ-based blogs like Deadjournal and Blurty, but eventually, I went back to using the LJ. Then I moved on to Blogger because it gives me more freedom with the layout.

With blogs becoming more and more popular, I hardly feel that I can write what I want anymore, without having to lock my entries. Now, when I write, I have to think twice before posting. I don't feel secure pouring out my thoughts. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why I don't blog as much as I originally did. Sure, my daily hits have suffered majorly, but what do I care. I write for me.

But of course, the entries have been less also due to the lack of my social life. Most of my friends are overseas. I spend most of my time doing work in front of the computer, making models, sleeping, watching tv, and going to class. There really isn't much to talk about; and I would rather not write a daily report about how my classes went. That would be seriously depressing. But yea, you all know the drill.

Today was fun in college, though. We had one-on-one tutorials (finally, a tutorial -- we've had too many critique // presentation sessions this sem). I have to change quite a lot of my model by Thursday. But my classmates and I had lots of fun just joking around and doing stupid stuff; I think we were all in a crazy mood today. On a lousy note, however, prices in the canteen have gone up. A can of soft drink used to cost RM 1.90 (which, imho, was already bloody pricey), and now it's RM 2. Meh.
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