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30 May 2006 4:32 pm 3 comments

I know you all probably expect me to start blogging more, since I just finished college, but again, there is a valid explanation for why I haven't been updating.

My laptop crashed. Apparently my stupid Windows XP crashed, so I tried using the Acer Recovery cd to format the first partition [or something like that la.. haha.], but it wouldn't work and I still couldn't access Windows. I took my laptop to the Service Centre in KLCC, and they couldn't even access my D drive to back up my data and etc, so I had to send it to the main service centre in Subang. They said they'll try to back up my hard drive, but if all fails, then they'll just replace the entire thing. Screw Windows. That's almost 50GBs of applications and data gone. Thank God I back up my college files once a week into my external drive, so at least most of it is still there.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I just sent the laptop to the service centre and I haven't been able to use it for about a week already. I'm expecting it back on Friday.

I didn't think I could live that long without the computer, so I borrowed my stepmom's NEC laptop. The problem is that it's super small and the keyboard is so tiny that I keep making typos.

There is so much to say, and lots of pictures to post, especially those of the Icon Show 2006, which is this exhibition Cenfad holds every year. So.. I'll try to update soon. This laptop doesn't have wireless internet so I'll just wait til I get my laptop back. *crosses fingers that the data can be saved* I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that I'll have to reinstall and redownload everything, although it was extremely frustrating at first.

-2 days // Free

21 May 2006 12:44 pm 1 comments

Wow. I find it hard to believe that I haven't updated in 17 days. See, I told you guys I'd be really busy!

The past few weeks flew by real quick, though. Basically, my classmates and I rushed like mad to finish our assignments, to make it in time for Friday's deadline. Rushed like mad = going to our studio in Cenfad every day from morning til early in the morning or so, and even sleeping over in the studio some days. The studio became like our second home for the last couple of weeks.

This is our studio. It is everything it looks like -- dirty, messy, dusty, smoky, etc. Pictures are blur because Wazir unknowingly took them with my camera while it was still on the magnification mode.

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Stacy and Joe.

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Me helping Iddin with his work.

I have lots of pictures from the presentation but I'm not bothered to do resizing at the moment. =P Anyway, I'm free now!!! Well.. Not exactly. I've got one report due Tuesday and another due Friday, but I've finished one. So, one more report to go for me, and I'm done with college. Can you believe it? 2 and a half years flew by way too quickly. Now, I've got to find an internship somewhere. Meh.

It's only been two days since the presentation, but already I'm starting to feel extremely bored and restless. The sudden lack of work and worry feels weird, but I'm not complaining. =) The whole class met up at the Coffee Hut last night and it was nice -- everyone looked so refreshed and happy, now that the tough part of the semester is over. We're now planning a trip to Perhentian together, before we go off to university and whatnot.

One more thing before I forget; yesterday was Yen's birthday, and I'd just like to give her a lil shoutout :: Happy 18th, dear. You're one of my oldest friends and still are one of the closest. I'm sorry I couldn't make any plans for the past week, but I promise we'll definitely do something this week.

Here's to our friendship.
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I know this isn't a brilliant picture of the two of us, but I couldn't find that many. Which means that we should take more. =)

15 more days.

04 May 2006 12:30 pm 0 comments

Time for some pictures.

I think stress does horrible things to us. That, and Saturday morning classes at Cenfad. Behold.

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Apparently, Danial + mustache = Mr Muchacho.

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Stacy. And her thin, curly mustache. Hahaha.

Yesterday was Danial's 21st birthday, so Tasha planned him a surprise party. We met up at Green Lotus and waited like an hour for Danial to arrive. Unfortch, the surprise was slightly ruined because D recognized Joe's car parked outside the restaurant. :/ Meh.

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Stacy and me.

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Mai getting a kiss from the birthday boy. Took forever to convince him to do so, but the good picture was worth it. ;)

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Birthday cake was huge.

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l-r :: Aizat, Iddin, Joe, Wazir. Muka bangang. But what's new? Hahah.

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Us, together.

It was a fun night. I was really really tired, though. Didn't get that much sleep the night before, and had a morning class as well. There were about 15 of us but we didn't bother taking any group photos. The Thai food was good and reasonably priced. Good food + good company = fun. It's still pretty hard to believe that soon we'll graduate and this is our last month hanging out together. I've gotten so used to my classmates and their silly antics. =P

I hate being on prepaid. I just checked my balance -- I thought I had like, RM 10 left, but turns out it's RM 0.42. Wtf. Thank God I even bothered to check. But it's late now, so will have to wait til tomorrow to get my credit from dad.
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