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31 January 2008 2:16 pm 0 comments

It's been a boring, internetless week as my laptop is currently being held hostage at the service center til it gets its LCD screen changed. My warranty ends mid this year so I decided to take it for servicing and fix all the little things -- minor or major. So for now I have to make do with my sister's desktop; which is incidently great for watching videos on, with its 24" screen. Damn.

Had a pretty good week -- managed to finally meet up with Mae and Wern for dinner which was awesome.. It's been ages since we've had time to sit down and chat like the old times, gossip, reminisce and just talk, lol. Plus I got a surprise phone call from none other than Yew Sun and Yen in Manchester which was great. :) Aww I miss you guys so much.

Just a week til Chinese New Year, and two weeks til Valentine's, which is the day I leave for Melbourne. Feeling a little sad about leaving, but you know, it gets better; this being my third time leaving home.

And... I have news. Good news. Great news, actually!

This time, I won't be going to Melbourne alone... Wazir is coming with me!!! So it's definitely going to be a more fun and interesting year. I'm totally psyched. :) It's only been confirmed a week or so ago, so yea, it's going to be great. :)

On a sidenote, this is a bit belated, but anyhow, RIP Heath Ledger, and also to Nian Ning & the other lives lost in the bus crash. I didn't know her, but I was greatly saddened reading all the articles; so if you do too, go to and sign the petition.

Welcome 2008.

16 January 2008 2:30 pm 2 comments

I've been lazy again. I got back from HK on like, the 2nd of Jan; but haven't gotten around to updating, lol. Anyway, Happy New Year all!! :)

Hong Kong was good, apart from the busy streets and well, tbh people can be pretty rude there. -.- But the shopping was good. I've always wanted to go to H&M and as I expected, I totally loved it!! Lol. Disneyland was great too. Obvs, it's much smaller than others, but still.. Disneylands are always magical -- makes me feel like a little kid again. :) Ocean Park was a bit meh, but I guess we picked a wrong time to go; during the year end holidays and all. It was so packed. Will edit later with photos. :)

So.. Looking back and reflecting upon 2007..

It was definitely a trying year for me; but I am pretty proud of myself, because it was a year where I learned a lot.

1. My grades are much better now than they ever were in Cenfad, and I'm focusing a lot more on my studies.
2. I've learned to live more independently; clean up after myself, pay my own bills, cook and shop for my own groceries, etc.
3. Wazir and I survived a year of LDR, and we're still going on as strong as ever.
4. I have great housemates and I've made some good friends in Melbourne.

Some basic resolutions for 2008:

1. No more snacking after 10pm 10.30pm 11pm.
2. Save more money.
3. Clean up room and toss stuff I don't need so it will be easier for mum to move my stuff when she moves house when I'm not around later in the year. (I've actually started on this.. Cleared out my wardrobe and gave my sister a lot of my clothes and donated quite an amount too.)
4. Actually get around to learning StudioMax. I've always wanted to be better at 3D rendering.
5. Lose the kgs I've gained on my holiday. -.- Damn the good food.

There must be more, but these are just at the top of my head.
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