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27 May 2005 11:22 pm 0 comments

I'm leaving for Redang tomorrow morning.. Have to wake up at 4.30am, it's insane. I'll only be sleeping at 1.30am after my chinese show... 3 hours of sleep... Gosh.

Anyway, have a great weekend guys, and see you next week.

4 more days

26 May 2005 6:31 pm 0 comments

I saw Harith Iskandar in Mid Valley today. I swear, I watch too much tv that I can barely differentiate reality from tv now. If I saw Brad Pitt in OU or something I'd prolly just walk past, thinking There's Brad Pitt... Okay.., and by the time he's out of sight I'd realize, fuck, that was Brad Pitt! *sigh* Tv, tv. I think that I watch about 4 to 5 hours of tv on a normal basis. I watch tv while surfing the net, while chatting, while doing my college work, and at my dad's I even watch tv while I shower. Lol. :P

I've been downloading The OC episodes over the past few days. Here they show it on Sundays and it clashes with Tru Calling and The Apprentice, so what the heck, since I'm so bored and on holiday...

Today's been less boring than usual. I was woken up earrrlllyyy this morning [10.30am! The monstrosity!] by my mum and we went to Mid V to so some last minute shopping before the Redang trip this weekend. She got my a leather case for my new Cybershot [yes I finally checked it off my "wants" list!] and got herself an Olympus camera which was on promotion. I know, I know. What's with all the camera buying in my family recently?? I have no idea. It's been really sudden. I don't think we'll need any more cameras in the house for the next decade or so.

I need to download songs for my laptop. It's like so empty and I'm having the when-I'm-in-front-of-the-comp-nothing-comes-to-mind-to-download syndrome. Any suggestions? Hehe. I've been going to Paper's blog to see his "song of the day" thingy.. :P

Tomorrow, lunch and a bit of shopping with Yen and Sun! Then I'm off on Saturday morning [so early, I have to wake up at 5am!!!! Oh god.] to Redang and when I get back on Tuesday guess what? Wazir'll be back! Thinking about it is making me excited. ;)

I want Frank Gehry

24 May 2005 2:35 pm 2 comments

I want this. Please buy me this. Lol. But really. It's so funky. I want it.

More info, click here.
Here's a little something I learnt in college which I shared with Chee Yoong today ::

Did you guys know that Sony used to be named "Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Kabushikakaika" when they started out in 1945? Thankfully, they changed the name to Sony in 1958. I wouldn't want to have to go to the shops and ask for a Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Kabushikakaika T7 camera. Lol.

Speaking of Sony Cameras, I should be getting mine soon, depending on when my dad can send it over to me. :)
I feel quite happy tonight. Maybe it's because I've been talking to Wazir a lot these couple of days. In one week Wazir will be back. I can't wait. Time could not pass any slower.

Today I went shopping with mum and Brynna at OU, mum got me this cute pink skirt. Got Yen her birthday present.. :) Anyway I'll be going to Redang this Saturday until Tuesday. Hope it won't be too boring -- mum and Brynna are going diving and as for me.. I'll be lounging on my own I suppose.

Oh, by the way, good luck to all those taking the A Levels exams this coming week. Makes me feel guilty knowing that everyone's struggling and studying at this moment and I'm so free, since I'm on holiday. All the best guys.

Look in to your heart, you will find
There's nothing there to hide
Take me as I am, take my life
I would give it all, I would sacrifice

Don't tell me it's not worth fighting for
I can't help it, there's nothing I want more
You know it's true, everything I do I do it for you

come back

21 May 2005 6:33 pm 0 comments

So I know that in my last entry I was talking about getting a camera, but dad got me a laptop yesterday. :) We were just talking about getting a laptop and if I needed it; of course I don't need it but having it would make things more convenient. Anyway, so we decided on the Acer Aspire 1691. It's 15.4" wide screen, upgraded to 1 gb ram, and 80gb hard disk. No more transferring files from my room pc to the main pc using my thumb drive, just because the connection sucks. No more getting disconnected constantly.. Yay!

Anyway, about the camera, I decided on the T7, the seductively slim one. Will be getting it on Tuesday but I think that might have to come out of my own pocket, since I got the laptop. *sigh* Oh well.

Today's been extremely tiring. Was helping dad and some of my cousins sort out keys for some shoplots, apartments and houses all afternoon. My feet are bloody aching from wearing heels. Heels makes the balls of my feet hurt while sneakers give me blisters on my heels and my little toe. My feet can never be satisfied. >.<


18 May 2005 8:08 pm 1 comments

I'm considering getting a new camera. But I can't decide. Some help?

Image hosted by
DSC-P200/R - 7.2 megapixels

Image hosted by
DSC-T7 [but I like the black one more] - 5.1 megapixels

Compare here.

My thought is that I prefer the T7.. After all, 5.1 megapixels is good enough, right? I wish both of them came in ice pink or ice blue. Now that would be so cute.


17 May 2005 2:12 pm 0 comments

I really hate it when those pathetic Chinese guys message me on msn or whatever with their incredibly broken english and horrendous spelling, sprouting emoticons all over the place as if it was cute. Pink questionmarks do not have to be followed by blue exclamation marks, and not every sentence needs a fucking smiley. No, I'm not trying to be racist; I'm a Chinese myself.

13 more days til Wazir is back. 14 if you count today. I've been sleeping early recently but trying to wake up as late as possible, just to waste time. Don't want to be up early and then think too much about him. Lol. I'm such a lame ass.


16 May 2005 5:10 pm 0 comments

Updated template and got rid of certain things since I noticed it takes a while for my page to load.

Feeling really bored at the moment; mum just left for India again on business, and Wazir obviously isn't back. Holidays. You wait half a year for them and when they arrive you just don't know what to do with your time. Any suggestions to what I should do? Broke and bored. *sigh*

Brynna found my old Backstreet Boys cds and is now hooked on them. Lol. I haven't listened to those cds in years, they were such the rage then.
Cenfad's Icon Show is happening tonight. Last year I was one of the fashion models, but this year I decided that I'm just too short and chubby to be part of the show. I was in college since the afternoon, setting up, but right before the fashion show Lay Kheng came and picked me up. Oh well. Had no other ride home.

So now I'm officially on holiday. Until the 13th of June, which is when my short semester is supposed to start. I'm also totally broke, and I can't figure out why. I mean, it's only the 14th of the month! I still have half of it to go with hardly a cent left. *sigh*

I still miss Wazir a lot. I suppose nothing I do can change that, just have to live with it for a bit. Now I know why long distance relationships are just so damn hard. A few days without him and I'm already being such a baby. :( 16 more days til Wazir returns.

Still have my cold. Yea, Sonia, I guess you're right. All the crying does put you out a bit. But I think I'm really sick. Lol. I've been sneezing and stuff, it's already been 3 days.

I'm tired.. Oh, One Tree Hill.. Bye! Have a great weekend ya'll.

I miss him :'(

12 May 2005 4:21 pm 0 comments

Wazir's gone. He's in Dubai. He left last night and I cried a hell lot. I have this phobia of people leaving the country. Plus, I'm also PMSing at the moment so it made everything worse. I hate being emo. So.. He'll only be back in 19 days. Which is a considerably long time. Skye the Rabbit is at Yen's place, she's babysitting temporarily. :( I'll probably be back to blogging over the next few weeks since I'm so bored with nothing to do, but lol, watch out for a lot of I miss Wazir stuff. :P

This morning I had my final presentation for this semester. I've finished my 2nd year of Interior Design already [if I don't fail anything, that is]. It feel so unreal. I can't believe that time has passed by so quickly that I barely even noticed.

I think I'm getting sick. My nose has been runny all day. Is it possible to cry til you get sick? Because I cried all night yesterday and this morning I woke up with bloody swollen eyes and a runny nose. Urgh. Anyway. This should pass once I stop PMSing. Lol.

Shoes shoes shoes

06 May 2005 9:59 pm 0 comments

The semester should have ended today but I've got extensions for 5 assignments. 2 are finished, 2 half done, and one's not even started yet. But it's okay, I'll manage. The only thing I'm worrying about is the final presentation for ID Studio on Wednesday.

Speaking of Wednesday, Wazir is leaving for Dubai that night. He'll be gone for 3 weeks. >.< Bad timing, because mum will be going to India again, and maybe Australia to in a few weeks; and most of my other friends are busy with A Levels finals.

Recently, I feel the need to put in more effort to keep in touch with old friends. It's so easy to talk to my college mates because I see them everyday and we're taking the same course but time really does change a lot of things. I'ev been busy, but hey, so are others. This week itself three of my old friends have called me just to meet up or say hi, and it's really sweet that some people still think of me.

Today I spent about 5 hours drafting in college. I'm actually starting to find this fun, instead of boring, as per usual. Maybe this course is going to be alright after all.

Anyway. A few days ago while waiting for my printer to print some of my images, I decided to paint my nails. The next day, I bought a pair of shoes. Aren't they gorge? I plan to buy another pair which has blue, yellow, green and pink strings instead. They're so sweet. I love espadrilles and wedges and it's great that it's spring fashion now. I have more money to spend this month since Wazir's not here anyway. :(

Image hosted by
The strings tie around the ankle, they're adorable.

Image hosted by
No comments on the size of my huge toes but small feet please.

Oh, I'll just throw in this image too since I'm posting. I modelled this on Vectorworks for my final assignment for Digital Presentation. Click for larger view.

Image hosted by

It's nice, right?
Okay, okay. I admit, Wazir did help me here and there. Well, err. A lot. :/ I'm hopeless. Lol.

I love shoes.
I'm going mad!

Mum will be back from India in a few hours. Mother's day is this Sunday. Any suggestions? I'm stumped.

Have a great weekend all, I'll probably be blogging more often starting next week. I'll have lots of time on my hands.

Oh. My. God.

03 May 2005 12:19 am 1 comments

I want to update, but nothing comes to mind whenever I try to. I have tons of work to complete by this week, but somehow I can't find the energy to do it.

Why am I so lazy and busy?

Wish me all the best... Please? Hehe..
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