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24 October 2007 11:47 pm 0 comments

I was working on one of my final models on Monday, and was cutting some cardboard on the floor; whilst referring to my autocad drawing on the laptop. I had just cut a long strip of board when I realized that the cord of my mouse was under it and I'd sliced it in half. -.- Dumb arse.

I am done with classes for this year! I just had my last studio tutorial yesterday and am on my own til the final critique next Friday. So.. I'm going to be at home all week just getting stuff done. Meh. Wish me luck!

I hate menstruating.

I love you Wazir. <3


21 October 2007 12:41 pm 0 comments

1. Make amendments to video for final hand-up.

2. Studio
Plans X 4
Sections X 2/3
Elevations X 2/3
Details X 5/6
Make 1:50 model of ramp
Design slides
Print out A3 posters
Get through presentation without nervous breakdown.

3. Shop! Buy things to take home. Oh, and screw the 14th, I'm going home on the 9th. :) Can't wait for the 2nd to be over.

I love you Wazir. <3

Sad realization

15 October 2007 11:30 am 0 comments

We ran out of rice on Friday night, and we only realized it on Friday night. -.-

Forgot about it over the weekend, or was too busy with work; so Saturday night we had to beg and borrow rice from our next door neighbours. Sunday night it was the neighbours downstairs.

Ah, student life. Damn sad.

I love you Wazir. <3

Happy Raya :)

14 October 2007 7:34 pm 2 comments

Selamat Hari Raya ya'll.

I had a relatively good weekend; went to Essendon DFO and bought some gifts to take home. Lol, I've got a month to go but am already buying things! Talk about being desperately excited! But yes, one month to go is pretty soon.

Dammit internet, roll over so I can start downloading. I've been depriving myself of downloads for the past week due to low internet quota. -.-

Something I haven't done for a while -- painted nail art. Here's a pic of my mingy toes. -.- It's a pink & black french.

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I love you Wazir. <3


07 October 2007 5:16 pm 0 comments

5 days til the peer review for digital video.
10 days til the history essay is due.
12 days til the final review for digital video.
26 days til my final presentation for studio.
33 days til the portfolio is due.
38 days til I go home.

I don't know if I want time to go faster or slower.

I love you Wazir. <3
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