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Week 6

22 August 2007 5:18 pm 0 comments

I'm getting better at managing my time - or so I think.

I'm finally back on track -- last weekend I sat down and finally finished off the assignments from week 1 and week 2 that I missed when I was still in KL. So now I'm pretty much at where I should be and I'm feeling pretty accomplished. Next week is week 7, or mid semester, so it feels good to get everything under control. I've been back in Melbourne for a month now, but it feels like so much longer. November 14 come quick! :)

I happened to view this page on Internet Explorer a few days ago and it looks fine apart from the fact that there are no breaks in my paragraphs as there are in Firefox. -.-

Just 1900 words to go for my history essay! Blergh.

My mum is coming again this Sunday. I know, I know. You guys are probably thinking I'm such a spoiled brat - I came to Melbourne in February, my mum visited in April, dad in May, mum again in June, I went back in July and now it's August and mum will be here again. But really, all of mum's visits have been business trips. I'm just a lucky girl. :)


13 August 2007 7:59 pm 2 comments

Video shooting turned out to be incredibly fun! The objective was to find a site and give it a new angle; a new feel. Explore the site.

So we found this alley which was pretty windy, and bought duck feather pillows, cut them open and tossed the feathers all around, taping at multiple angles. Hell, I haven't been looking forward to this class because of obvious reasons - I don't know shit about handling a professional camera // media stuff. But throwing the feathers around really brought a huge level of fun to it; although I'm feeling a bit bad about messing up the entire alley. :P It was a huge mess when we left.

It's now that time of the month again - when I become an emotional, crying mess. :(

Some pictures from when I went home ::

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Little Brandon. :) He's grown so big since I left in February. Unfortch, a few moments after I took this shot, he fell off and burst into tears. :( Oh, the guilt.

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My darling sister and brother. I miss you two so so much.

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Sun Sun! He came over to see me the day before I left. :)

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Geng2 Cenfad. :P l-r, clockwise;Stacy, Joe, Danial, Azzura, Shazni, Tasha, Wazir and me in the middle. :)

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Tash and I. Super mata sepet.

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Wazir. <3 What was up with my eyes that day?

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I haven't taken a picture of myself in ages. This was taken just to send to Wazir. :)

Picture Album 2007

11 August 2007 12:41 am 0 comments

Oh God.

I seem to be on a virus attacking frenzy of some sort. A couple of weeks ago it was a trojan; yesterday it was some stupid MSN virus called Pictur Album 2007. Thank god the latter was pretty harmless -- all it seemed to do was screw up MSN Messenger. I managed to download a patch and get rid of the virus, but it seemed to keep relapsing every now and then, lol. Finally I uninstalled and reinstalled MSN and it seems ot be fine now. Hopefully.

So, if you happen to receive, or you already received some stupid message from me on MSN, please don't accept it; unless you are in need of some virus induced excitement. And if you got affected, message me for the patch.

Uni work has been incredibly hectic. Classes run so long that I find myself too tired to do anything by the time I get home. :/ In fact I'm always lethargic in class too. I can't seem to motivate myself; all I do is sit around and complain. -.- I need to get off my ass and do more work. How la how la.. Why is my brain shutting down so much?

I've got 3 classes on my plate this semester -- ID Studio, which is called Fermenting Spaces, which is err about fermenting spaces, if that makes any sense to you; Electric Eye, which is about Digital Video, and I've got to shoot videos and edit them and attempt being all artsy fartsy; and History/Theory which involves lotssss of reading abstract, philosophical, deep, confusing articles and essay writing.. It's insane. I find myself so busy every week, even though I have Mondays and Thursdays off. Luckily I've got group work for Studio [temporarily] and Digital Video.

Going [video] shooting later on today! I'll be the girl lugging this heavy ass professional camera in this huge silver case around Melbourne city.
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