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Oh wow

30 January 2005 7:09 pm 0 comments

Virgo August 23 - September 22
The urge to shop has never been stronger. If you can't restrain yourself, try to go for something a little weirder than usual -- it'll help keep you on track, actually.

Speaking of shopping, I bought new shoes. Again. :) Shoes are love. <3 And mum got me new clothes. Well it's mostly because Chinese New Year is coming. She also invited Wazir over to stay a night during new year. I was really surprised. I'm really glad my mum's really open about so many things and we're so close. I suppose it's also probably due to the fact that she's still single too. It's weird having a guy when my mum doesn't. :P

These are the shoes I got last weekend ::

And the ones I got today. They cost a lot but I really liked them ::

Won't post pix of clothes because the lighting in my room's funky. Later.

One day

29 January 2005 8:05 pm 0 comments

So this semester my class decided we'd switch our 3 hour Saturday class with Choo to Friday, in order to keep our Saturdays free. Unfortunately, this leaves our Saturday open for other lecturers to take, and we can't object. Today I was supposed to have two classes but only ended up having one. Why?

Well. Wazir, me, and 2 other classmates got to school by 10am; and we were sitting in the carpark waiting for Amran to arrive.. We got so fed up we decided to go for drinks in the shop nearby and stuff.. When we got back at like 11.30am we saw Amran driving out of the school. He was driving a different car so we didn't know he had already arrived in school, and he waited for us there for like 3 hours. Shit. The poor dude. I feel so bad but hey, it's not like we knew. At least I was there..

My connection is surprisingly considerably stable today. Good. Stay that way.

Mum and I found out why the left speaker in the living room ain't working. Naughty Skye chewed the cable connecting the speakers into half! What a nuisance. Adorable nuisance.

Oh, by the way, does anyone have any nursery rhymes on mp3? Need it by Monday or so, for this project I'm doing. Or perhaps the alphabet song? Going back to college is hard after such a long break.. I'm really not used to the work.. All I want to do is laze around whenever I'm at home.

Been shifting furniture around the house since I got home from class. New dining table arriving on Tuesday.

Damn you.

27 January 2005 4:37 pm 0 comments

Virgo August 23 - September 22
Now you're talking! Things look way better for you than they did even a day ago. You can expect some kind of praise, or even an award, to come your way soon.

Ugh. This horoscope thing is so bleh. Nothing's looking better today. I took the LRT and walked to college. I went to Fadzwin's class and she gave us shitloads of work to do, and we also have an extra class with her this Saturday. >.< It's only the first week of college and already I have so many classes to attend. Oh, got some interesting news yesterday.. There'll be a field trip to Singapore end February. Everyone's actually looking forward to that, it sounds fun, although we'll have assignments to work on there as well. But hey, anything to get away, right?

Oh, my mum is fine and she's home after 2 nights at the hospital btw. I was rather worried but then again, she was being really quiet about the whole thing so I was more confused than worried, actually.

I really want to change my layout but am hesitant because I can't seem to find one I really like. Tell me what you think of this one. I quite like that but am not sure about the theme "down the memory lane". Like, what? I'm very picky and I don't have time to worry about these things.

Recently I know I haven't been updating as much as I used to. It's weird, for some reason I just didn't feel like exposing all my feelings to the many people reading this blog.

I'm in a really foul mood today. Family is pissing me off. Everyone's shits. Got to go.


26 January 2005 4:35 pm 0 comments

Bleh. I was just starting an entry but now I have to go and get ready for class. >.< Will write later.


24 January 2005 9:37 pm 1 comments

So tell me, what kind of bloody school fails students who receive a C- and below? It's shit ass Cenfad, that's what. They reinforced this rule last semester and I think it's bloody stupid. There's really no point in giving students a C- or a D then, if it's all equivalent to a failure anyway. It's f**ked up. Me, I got a borderline C for one subject; thank god I didn't "fail". Geez.

So college began today with Fadzwin's lesson [which, thankfully, wasn't very stressful], followed by Choo's in the evening. Received some bad news concerning my guy, but am taking it well. I expected much worse from the situation but it all turned out reasonably alright, so I can live with it. Although I'm not entirely pleased either.

Apart from all that, today's been a pretty good day. Spent quite a fair bit of time lounging around during the 4 hours between my classes with Wazir. Slept in the car for quite a while too.

My mum just went to the hospital; she's staying there a night. I don't know what's wrong with her but she looked really unwell. Hope she's alright and will be back tomorrow. Hope for the best, k?

Good night guys..

Happy Birthday to the Paper Issue :)

23 January 2005 11:08 pm 1 comments

I've had quite a quiet weekend. But I feel quite accomplished now because I got to spend a lot of time with my dad, and I also managed to control my temper and I helped my sister with her homework. This year I've been able to manage my temper a lot better than usual, but when it comes to Brynna, I'm still really, err, fierce.

My connection at my mum's house is still giving me lots of shit ass problems. Mum reckons that since we're on a wireless network, and we live in a condominium; there could be other people bumming off our network. Get off my connection you ruddy neighbours!

I met up with Yew Sun on Thursday night, I forgot to mention earlier. He treated me to Baskin Robbins. :) The shop just opened in Mont'Kiara not long ago. I've hardly kept in touch with most of my high school friends because I've been so busy to meet up and stuff, and that's quite sad.

My fourth semester of college begins tomorrow. I've got a full day too. Such a drag. Well, I suppose that means I'll be busier this week onwards. Lol, college hasn't even begun and already I'm looking forward to the Chinese New Year holidays. :P

Happy Birthday..

22 January 2005 3:49 pm 0 comments

Happy Birthday Sam!
Yesterday was a great day, if I do say so myself. I watched National Treasure with Wazir and then went back to his place to watch some VCDs. I love having quiet time just with him. You know those moments when you're talking to someone then there's this awkward silence and you feel compelled to blabber anything to cover up.. There isn't any of that with him and I love that.

Today I decided that my rabbit Skye deserves better. Mum has been saying that Brynna and I have been neglecting him way too long and she wants to give him away.. And this made me realize that he's such a cute fluffy lil thing and I love him and I don't want to lose him.. Lol. So, since Chinese New Year is coming, I've decided that I will use some of it to buy him a bigger, better cage. Skye's getting big and his cage's getting all stinky. :/

I went shopping at Mid V today, and ohmigosh the crowd was like.. Whoaaaa.. Was supposed to buy clothes with mum but got distracted and ended up buying a pair of shoes each [which we will undeniably share]. Crowd got to us so we left after that.. The heels I got are so cute.. They're the pink and satin about 3" ones from eclipse.


19 January 2005 2:18 pm 0 comments

Virgo August 23 - September 22
Get creative and figure out how you want to get your ideas across. There's someone that needs your input badly, but you're not sure how to approach them. You'll figure it out soon.

Got a day off driving lessons today. Woke up at noon and have been clearing my drawing table since.. Finally it's all cleared now. :) I probably won't be seeing Wazir today.. And I still have one more box of my belongings to clear before it's all finally done. :) Then mum can finally get off my case.

Holidays are ending and class is beginning next week. The only difference in schedule, I just realized, is that I have Tuesdays off. :)

24, woot.

18 January 2005 2:04 pm 0 comments

Driving alone makes me feel so conscious. I'm feeling extremely sleepy today, I think I overslept. Anyway.. Yay.. I can do a 3 point turn now.. [Haha I must sound like such a huge loser to all of you, especially those who can drive]

Moving along now.. I received some rather disturbing news last night.. I can't really say what it is.. Not to worry, it doesn't have anything to do with me.. Just with a couple of friends, and it's sad. I guess some things are just meant to be.

My darling's been feeling under the weather. *sigh* I suppose there goes all hopes of seeing him this week. I shall sit at home and watch reruns and old vcds all day, just like the boring old couch potato I am. :/

My relatives are leaving my house tonight, so the house is going to be quiet again. Actually, it hasn't made much of a difference to me because I find myself being rather antisocial recently. I really can't be bothered to take the initiative to speak to people and stuff.. All I want to do is lie in bed and the only people I actually feel like talking to are my close friends. I know it's bad to like close myself off to others.. But whenever I even think about trying, I feel so tired and I can't be bothered.

You Are 24 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Ooooo I act 24. :) Got that from Yen's site. That's rather far off from my current age.. I'll be 18 in September. Shit ass, 6 years difference.. Lol. :P Wazir's 23 in December. Kekes.

Lapar er... Off to eat!

I want to spend my lifetime loving you

17 January 2005 5:10 pm 0 comments

Driving lesson this morning went rather smoothly. He picked me up, and had no problem finding my house, so that was great. Engine hardly died on me.. Woot I'm getting better.. Lol. :P I'm a loser. Anyway today's lesson was very different from my last two lessons.. The instructor's really cool actually.. Last few times he said my driving was dahsyat and macam orang mabuk, and today his comment was terror. Wahahaha.

I was annoyed earlier because of something Wazir said, but now I understand and it's all good. I realize now that I was only annoyed because I care so much. But I'm so patient with him it's amazing. It's really not like me.

Eh my stupid CGPA is only 2.816 err... Damn.. Shoot me..

Dinner at Souled Out tonight.

I want to spend my lifetime loving you
If that is all in life I will ever do
I will want nothing else to see me through
If I can spend my lifetime loving you


16 January 2005 9:22 pm 1 comments

My weekend's been busy. As I mentioned, my relatives from Australia are here, so yesterday we shopped at Mid Valley and today we went to OU. I'm so tired now because I've been sleeping at 3am for the past few days and waking up at 8am. :/ Madness.

I was feeling pretty sick last night, don't know why. I was watching Queer Eye when I felt nauseous and then I threw up twice. Now don't worry, I'm feeling better already. :)

Do you ever feel like everyone around you is so much more accomplished than you are..? I sort of feel that way now.. Makes me feel so small. There are so many things that I am not capable of.. But I just keep telling myself that it doesn't matter, because I'm happy right now.. I've got my family, my friends, and I've got Wazir. And that's enough. I'm just so grateful to have them.

I watched American Pie on vcd just now and the vcd screwed up right at the ending.. I watcehd that movie ages ago but I can't remember what happened.. Anyone care to let me know? :P

The mail from Cenfad finally came in today.. Got my results for last sem and my new timetable. My timetable's pretty much the same, since it's the same lecturers and stuff. Results weren't good, but that was expected anyway. Bs, B-s and a C. Mum wasn't happy but I was relieved. Lol.

Smallville's starting soon. I'm out for now.. :)

I love you, Wazir.

The World According to Brynna

15 January 2005 1:21 pm 0 comments

guinea pig noun= pig mouse

Save your kisses for me :)

14 January 2005 4:36 pm 0 comments

Checklist for today:

1. Clean toilet
2. Clear box in room .. I ended up just dragging the box outside and leaving it in some corner because I'm too lazy to organize my stuff now
3. Clean Skye's cage

So I'm done for the day. My head hurts like a beeyatch now. I'm going to stay at my grandma's this weekend. My relatives from Sydney are here. Will be back on Sunday aight. :)


13 January 2005 11:36 pm 0 comments

I've got wireless broadband. :) The connection's a little funky though, so will have to do something about that later. But for now it's alright anyway. I haven't felt like coming online much recently, I guess too much internet can get boring.

I've been feeling rather paranoid and insecure these few days. Kinda broke down for a bit yesterday and Wazir swung by and took me out for a bit. That made me feel better, and it was sweet of him. <3

The blackout today was quite a surprise. I was at home, online, when it happened, and the first thing that popped into my mind was that maybe the Mont'Kiara management were fixing something so they shut down the power temporarily. Then I start getting phone calls saying that the blackout's like all over, in KL, Shah Alam, Kajang.. Even JB? So I'm like, wtf? It's amazing how much we depend on electricity for practically everything. Was scheduled to meet Joanne in KLCC for lunch, and Wazir was like on the way to pick me up. There wasn't traffic going to KL but once we got to KLCC the carpark was closed, so it was rather frustrating. Lol. Kinda funny now that I think about it. Anyway soon after, thank god the power came back and KLCC opened. :) Tee hee. Joanne's leaving for New York on Saturday.

Jo.. I'm going to miss you lots.. You're one of the nicest, most honest and caring people I've ever known.. Don't change k? Call, email, or message me on MSN if you ever need anything.

So. That's about it for now. Night, guys.

I want you and your beautiful soul

12 January 2005 1:59 pm 0 comments

Virgo August 23 - September 22
You're on a collision course with a close friend -- try not to say anything that could be taken the wrong way. If you do offend them, you'll need to let them chill for a while before making up.

My driving lesson was to be at 2.30pm today, and I dragged myself out of my comfy bed at 1.15pm. Took a shower, and when I got out, I got a phone call from my instructor, saying that he had to cancel class because of another student who was taking the exam this week. It kind of bothered me, because he already cancelled tomorrow's class. I just found this rather irresponsible.. But oh well. I'll be able to go out tomorrow then. My next class will be on Monday.

So that means that I'll be going back to mum's place tonight. That's good, I guess. I've missed my bed and my Doraemon incredibly. :P

I'm so bored now.. :/ Guess I'm off to watch some tv now..


1:36 am 0 comments

Thanks JC for the lovely testimonial on friendster. Today's driving lesson was kinda blah. I'm so slow at this.. But I'll get better.. I'm sure.

I saw Wazir just now. That made me feel better. I've missed him so.

Stop being so damned dependent, Bren.


10 January 2005 4:53 pm 1 comments

This cracked me up... I got it from Wern's site.

In the year 2005 I resolve to:

Masturbating at least twice a day.

Get your resolution here

Anyway. Driving lesson went fine. Apart from the fact that the instructor said my driving is rather dahsyat. Kekeke. That's not a good thing btw. =P Oh well. Practice makes perfect.. Right?

Anyway. Here are some pictures, taken yesterday before this wedding dinner I attended with dad. Don't laugh.

full length

These are love. <3 Very funky.
nokia 7270

nokia 7280
I'm doing this because Yen asked me to. I'm quite bad at this though..

Instructions: Put 15 things about yourself, 5 of which are lies. Your job as a friend is to try and point out the mistakes.

1. I was born at 1.37pm.
2. My favourite finger is my pinky.
3. I have about 50 tank tops, halters, and tube tops in my closet.
4. I believe in ghosts.
5. I wear 3 rings on a daily basis.
6. I stopped biting my nails in 2002.
7. I don't have a picture of my boyfriend in my purse.
8. My skin was quite fair as a baby.
9. I don't dance.
10. I have 3 watches which I wear regularly.
11. My first mobile phone was a Nokia.
12. My parents split when I was 11.
13. I use 3 pillows when I sleep.
14. I haven't bought any clothes, shoes, or bags in the past couple of months.
15. The radio station I listen to the most is Hitz FM.

Okay, so this is rather easy. Well I'm guessing at least Yen will find it easy... No? Tee hee. Anyway good luck...

I think my driving instructor phoned this morning when I was sleeping.. He keeps calling my house although I already gave him my new mobile number and told him to call me there.. Geez. Anyway I have my first driving lesson at 2.30, so wish me luck, kay?

I love shortbread

07 January 2005 5:45 pm 0 comments

More new shelves from Ikea were delivered today and so now the house is not so much in a clutter as it was before. But before I could enjoy staying in my decluttered room, I had to go off to dad's place for the weekend. Tucked in my precious Doraemon and gave him a kiss before I left. Lol. =P

I registered for the driving lessons yesterday and I've got lessons everyday for 2 hours this coming week, Monday to Friday. Hell, that hardly leaves me much time to go out next week. Things have been so busy these holidays, and in only 2 more weeks it'll be over.

I've been sleeping tons. In fact, I think I'm going to sleep for a bit now, before Brynna's piano lesson starts.

These words are my own...

04 January 2005 6:17 pm 0 comments

New furniture arrived today, and am proud to say that I've prolly shifted about 70% of my belongings in. :) The rest of the little bits can wait til tomorrow or something. Right now my room is [still] rather neat, although certain things look out of place. Had no place to put my tv so I just chucked it on the top of one of the shelves. Really, I don't care where my tv is as long as I can watch it. Yes, I know, I know, I'm addicted. :P I got the computer set up in my room already but the cable from the server can't reach it so that's a bummer. I'm feeling pleased at the moment with my bed. :)

Btw. Leo, Seng Yip, and anyone who's been text messaging me recently.. I'm sorry if I cut you off or end conversations abruptly.. Credit's been pretty low and am trying to save. I'm not being mean on purpose yea?

Looking forward to having a quiet day in with Wazir tomorrow before I'm off to dad's on Thursday [I think]. It's been quite a hectic holiday so far, with my grandma nagging me everyday to clear up and stuff.

Am trying to search for a new layout on blogskins but somehow nothing seems to appeal to me. Yet. Anyway I love this layout the way it is... Eventually I'll get around to changing it.

Such a mess

03 January 2005 3:28 pm 2 comments

I hate cleaning. Help me!!!!

Happy New Year

02 January 2005 11:12 pm 0 comments

My first post of the new year. Happy New Year..! For me 2004 passed by more quickly than any other year.. But memorable it was.

I haven't been blogging because at first I had some connection problems last week. Then after that mum made Brynna and I swap rooms because of that feng shui stuff so now my computer is sitting in the living room, still unconnected. Anyway, the internet cable isn't long enough to drag from the main computer to my new room. Won't be blogging as often until mum gets wireless broadband. [I hope]

On new year's eve, went to the shops with my fam and bought paint for the rooms. Got a haircut, and took Brynna to Wazir's as his sis was having a barbeque. Brynna really likes him. He sent us both back early that night and we reached home at 10 to midnight; and Brynna made us wait in the car til midnight so we could kiss at the stroke of the new year. Cute eh? Lol.

Wells. So the day after that, I cleared out my room and swapped rooms with Brynna. Wazir came over to help all of us repaint the two rooms. My walls are so pretty now. They're dark blue and dark yellow. Maybe will post a picture later. That night, after painting, went to this wedding dinner with my dad. So boring. Today we bought new beds, desks and shelves, so will have to reorganize everything when they arrive on Tuesday.

Today's been really busy. Mostly been clearing out my [ex] room and shifting everything to my new room. I realized that I have a lot of stuff and there's just not enough space for everything! Sigh. Thing is, I have to take out my stuff from the old furniture so that the people can take them away when they deliver the new stuff. :/

Emm. I just got back from Yu Jin's house for dinner so I'm pretty tired now and I haven't been feeling well so I might sleep soon. My bed's full of junk so I've got to clear it off first. Bleh. This is quite a scattered entry but I don't give a shit.. Night all.
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