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28 July 2008 5:22 pm 0 comments

Wazir is back!! (Actually, it's been a week already, haha.)

And class has started (it's been a week too), so it's back to work.. -.- Feeling damn lazy.

12 July 2008 7:35 pm 3 comments

It's been a bit of a boring holiday.. My housemates have disappeared one by one. First Fred left for HK, then Wazir for KL, then Lynn for Penang.. And tonight Loy Yang's staying at his aunt's place. So it's just me and Chee Hoe. Luckily LY's coming back tomorrow..

It's a good thing Wazir left his tv and ps2 with me, so I can play Crash Team Racing and the Simpsons. Wtf I'm such a kid. But hey at least I've been staying home, thus preventing myself from spending money. I just paid off my bills and filed my receipts etc, and I discovered that I spent waaaayyy too much in June. Thus, trying out a mini shopping ban. I say mini because I know I won't exactly be very strict on myself, lol. But it's ok. I still have my part time job anyway.

I cut my hair almost 2 weeks ago. I have bangs now.. -.- I couldn't decide if I wanted to keep it long/have side swept bangs/straight bangs so I told her to do whatever she thought was right.. And well..

Photobucket Photobucket
You can call me Brenda lala..

Hahaha. It was shorter when I first got it cut and I wasn't sure if I liked it but it's grown longer since and I reckon I like it better now.. Although it's a pain in the ass to style since I don't have pin straight hair and when I don't blowdry/straighten them they tend to curl in different directions.. -.- Damn sohai looking.

Wazir is coming back on Friday!!! :D :D :D


07 July 2008 3:20 am 3 comments

This is what happens when I can't sleep.

What do you think?

First foray into ebay

06 July 2008 1:11 pm 3 comments

I can't believe I've only just discovered how simple it can be to use ebay. Which really, is a terrible, terrible thing.

It all began when I saw a pair of shoes that I absolutely loved on Rumi of Fashion Toast's feet -- that blue Nine West pair.. So after scouring countless NW stores in Melbourne, my mum checking out KL, and Wazir's mum checking out Dubai to no avail, I resorted to searching online. And everyone was sold out.. And somehow I found it on ebay.. And that was it.

So a week later, they arrived..

They're really pretty, but much the blue is much more glimmery than it looks in the picture.

And I saw these cheap so I couldn't help myself too.. -.-

To be honest I haven't been buying as many shoes as I usually do this year.. Before these couple I've only bought 2 these year.. So I was feeling pretty proud of myself but that's pretty much gone out the window now..

New targets ::



I just can't decide whether I like these better in black or brown. -.- Leaning toward the black though. Unfortch I've been unable to find this pair anyway.. Well not on any website that delivers to Australia, and not even on ebay.

I think I have a wedge/NW problem. Help!
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