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28 February 2005 10:16 pm 1 comments

One weekend away and I am bombarded with 28 new emails [although 70% of it is weird stuff like my horoscope and whatnot]. Wow.

So.. Did you guys miss me? Surprisingly I didn't miss being online that much. Then again.. The reason for that was probably because I was busy shopping all weekend. It was such a great weekend, really. I wish it didn't have to end. I arrived in KL this morning at 6am and already I had class this evening.

Anyway I've got to go. Will try my best to update tomorrow with pics. Too tired now.. Bye

Erp. Sorry.

24 February 2005 12:00 am 0 comments

Stupid connection = no blogging

Sorry. My computer pisses me off too. :P But I've also been real busy.

Went out with Yen and Sun for dinner last night, had fun.

Update more later. Am extremely tired now and am leaving for Singapore tomorrow.

This is early, but

Happy Birthday

to Ming and Sun!! :)

Bren Is Good For You.

19 February 2005 8:38 pm 0 comments

Or so it says at The Advertising Slogan Generator.

I'm feeling extremely tired today. Decided to wake up early to do some work but ended up going with out with dad to run some errands. Got home in the evening feeling tired as ever but did some work all the same. Cut myself by accident with the Olfa blade. Do you know how sharp those babies are? Oh, and I finished watching the entire GTO series today.

I had dinner with Sun and Yen on Tuesday night. We had Japanese and then Haagen Dazz and damn, I'm craving Japanese food now. Was bloody good to see the two of them again but also bloody expensive. :/

Oops. Speaking of dinner, I gotta go.


18 February 2005 11:33 pm 1 comments

Aiyoh, I am so malas to blog nowadays, what with my strange connection and all. I'm at dad's for the weekend. Am currently sitting at the computer watching My Best Friend's Wedding [although this is like the 3rd time I've seen this movie on local tv], eating maggi mee; am starving since I haven't eaten since nasi lemak at breakfast. I skipped class today because I was too lazy to do the homework. I feel bad about it but somehow I just didn't feel like going at all. >.<

Watched Constantine yesterday with Wazir. I was feeling extremely pleased yesterday because Fadzwin pretty much said my work was satisfactory and I don't have to rework my concept. :) Such a burden off my shoulders. Wahaha. I already am not dreading the weekend as I usually do, since I know what I have to do already.

Going to Singapore on Thursday night, looking forward to it! :)

Oh, Joanne, if you're reading, I miss you lots. :(


14 February 2005 9:39 pm 3 comments

I cried. And this stain was on my pillow.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Back to coll.. :(

13 February 2005 6:36 pm 1 comments

At times I feel so annoyed that I am unable to update regularly, like I used to. I started blogging on LJ 3 years ago, then I moved on to blurty, then now, blogger. I actually started this, just as a place to let out my emotions and the only 'friend' I had was Yen. Now blogging's become so popular and I blog now mostly to keep in touch with friends. I've also met so many new people, just through blogging.

Today I installed my new printer and it's so much better than the old bubblejet.. =) Now I just have to get some better paper to print on...

Anyway here's a pic of my [not so] new room.. I only got to take one before my camera's batteries died on me. =/

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day in advance. I've also decided not to change my layout until I find the perfect skin, since people like this one loads. :)

Now and Forever

11 February 2005 5:35 pm 0 comments

Virgo August 23 - September 22
No, you're not being selfish -- you're just sick of people using your things and not returning or breaking them. Hold onto your stuff for now. You can return to generosity next week, if you want.

Hmm friendster has gone all red and pink? Perhaps its a festive thing.. Valentine's is coming up, after all.. I'm not quite a big believer of Valentine's.. I do feel it's a commercialized day, but of course, having dinner with a special someone on that day would still be great. :) However, this year I have class in the morning with Fadzwin, then in the evening // night with Choo.

My baby just left my place this morning, and I miss him so. We watched Seoul Raider yesterday at Mid V with my sis. It was a great day, really.

I see u looking at me like I’m some kind of a freak
Get up out of your seat, why don’t u do something?

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

09 February 2005 6:52 pm 1 comments

I posted this on the 10th of January, and then conveniently forgot about it. So here are the answers::

Instructions: Put 15 things about yourself, 5 of which are lies. Your job as a friend is to try and point out the mistakes.

1. I was born at 1.37pm.
2. My favourite finger is my pinky.
3. I have about 50 tank tops, halters, and tube tops in my closet.
4. I believe in ghosts.
5. I wear 3 rings on a daily basis.
6. I stopped biting my nails in 2002.
7. I don't have a picture of my boyfriend in my purse.
8. My skin was quite fair as a baby.
9. I don't dance.
10. I have 3 watches which I wear regularly.
11. My first mobile phone was a Nokia.
12. My parents split when I was 11.
13. I use 3 pillows when I sleep.
14. I haven't bought any clothes, shoes, or bags in the past couple of months.
15. The radio station I listen to the most is Hitz FM.

#1 :: I was born at 2.37pm.
#4 :: I don't believe in ghosts.
#5 :: I wear 2 rings on a daily basis.
#8 :: My skin was tanned as a baby.
#11 :: My first mobile phone was a Siemens.

So, yeah, the highest score was Yen :) with 3/5 lies. :) Yayyy. :)

: : : : : : : : :

Anyway, moving along..! It's Chinese New Year today. :) Brynna is mad because I received RM 5 more than her, and she sulked about that for quite a bit. Talk about being jealous. I spent most of my day entertaining and drawing with my extremely adorable nieces and nephews in my grandma's place. They're so bloody cute, I wish I could've taken them home with me!

Wazir should be here soon, I'm waiting for him to arrive.

Happy CNY

08 February 2005 11:14 pm 0 comments

My weekend went by pretty quickly, since I had class on Saturday and Sunday was spent finishing Fadzwin's work. Which received complaints yesterday because apparently my class is not productive enough. Honestly, I'm like, whatever, because I can't be bothered.

It's Chinese New Year this week and this year it's going to be great. Yesterday I got to spend the rest of my day with Wazir, after my class. Today we were supposed to get our hair cut at my hairdresser's but she closed early so we didn't get to. >.<

I just got back from my grandma's place for dinner.. Feeling annoyed because all the local tv channels cancelled the usual sitcoms and replaced them with chinese movies.. :/ Sheesh.

Anyway. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone reading. :)


06 February 2005 5:27 pm 3 comments

I'm trying to change my layout. But for some reason nothing will show. Anyone willing to help? Click here and just view the source or whatever.. I've gone through it a few times and I can't find anything wrong with it.. :/

Only human.

05 February 2005 10:02 pm 1 comments

I'm scared.
I'm insecure.
I'm stressed.
I'm frustrated.
I drive myself mad.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean anything.
I'm only human.


04 February 2005 9:27 pm 1 comments

Virgo August 23 - September 22
Why do you always have to be the responsible one? It seems like you always have to say no or nag at folks, but for now you're off the hook -- if you let yourself.

I've just realized that my gmail invites have increased.. I now have 50..? Like, wtf? Before when I only had 6, I only used one.. And now I have 50.. Well you all know the drill.. If you want one just leave me a comment..

This weekend is going to be really bad.. I have class pretty much all day on Saturday and I have to enlarge and repaint my model which will take all Sunday. But I know that next week will be great and that's keeping me going.

I still regret not lying to Fadzwin and telling her that I had to go out of town so that she would cancel Monday's class. Why, oh why, Bren?? Next time will have to think fast..

I'm at dad's place now.. Am in such a bloody shitty mood.

February. :(

02 February 2005 3:36 pm 0 comments

Class today is at 6.30pm. :) So late. Anyway I'm feeling rather pleased with myself today because I finished Fadzwin's work [which is due tomorrow] ahead of my schedule. I thought that tonight I'd have to stay up late just painting but hell, I finished painting by 2.30pm. :) Fast, eh? Lol. I've got a critique session tomorrow though and am not quite prepared.. So wish me luck. :P

I can't update my stupid calendar thingy with people's birthdays beacuse I've misplaced my calendar. Actually I didn't misplace it, I think someone threw it out during all the spring cleaning in the house. >.<

There wasn't any electricity in Mont'Kiara last night.. So annoying. The power went off for like an hour, then it came back, then it went out again for another 20 minutes.. I wanted to call Yen and Yew Sun for a drink but mum was being cranky. I've been feeling rather low myself.. I really dislike February. Call me paranoid or whatever but I just really don't like this month very much.
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