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Stupid Brenny

26 April 2005 11:27 am 0 comments

The Singaporean drama Stepping Out finished on tv already. :( I liked that show. Last night was the conclusion and I fucking brilliantly fell asleep twice during the show. I know, I have such crappy timing. But anyway.. I was awake enough to know how it concluded. Plus Wazir also filled me in. Lol. Want to download the theme song but mediacorp websites are extremely slow. Or is it just me?

lonely, i am so lonely

22 April 2005 11:34 pm 0 comments

Anyway. I've been PMSing like mad this week and well, that means I've been bawling my eyes out at everything. It's insane.

I have so much work to do!!! Some stupid 3D model of the computer lab at Cenfad, a 2,500 word essay, building details of my 'redesigned' kitchen, compiling some drawings and collages into a journal, building the final model of my restaurant... Ahhhhh!!! All that in one sentence is enough to drive me mad. 2 more weeks, Bren.. 2 more damn weeks. But Wazir will be going to Dubai for a couple of weeks over the holidays so I'll be doing nothing much anyway. :/ But I'm happy for him.

I bought Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet In Heaven on Sunday night and I finished it by Monday evening. Which annoyed me, because it cost RM 30 and I finished it in less than 24 hours??!! But I liked it. It was weirdly interesting. :)

Brynna is playing Harvest Moon on the Playstation outside and I'm going to shoo her off now so that I can watch some Sex in the City vcds while waiting for 12.30am's Stepping Out on ntv7. My favourite show at the moment. :P

Good night guys. Have a great weekend ahead.

It's a small small world

21 April 2005 6:42 pm 0 comments

Today I had class. Yeah. Public holidays are never really holidays at Cenfad. We always have to replace classes if we cancel anyway. At least KL is less congested on holidays. It's the end of the semester already and I'm up to my neck in work. All the assignments that I've been putting off are all due next week and I never even realized it until yesterday.

Shereen's class today was very disturbing. We watched Passion of the Christ and I had my eyes shut and my ears plugged for a lot of it. Gives me the chills, it's so bloody gory.

I added a new link today :: Constance, Krystle's sister and my junior back in high school.

I'm really sleepy now and still have quite some work to do for tomorrow's classes, so will blog next time. Not sure if I'll be around for the weekend.



19 April 2005 5:12 pm 1 comments

I missed Cempaka's Sports Day this year. I really did plan on going, but I didn't know that it was scheduled on the Sunday that just passed. Weng Kiat phoned me Sunday morning asking me if I was going, but it was too late by then. Plus it was held in Bangi.. I didn't have time to get there. Anyway. I'm also lazy. :)

I'm so tired today despite sleeping 11 hours already.

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And I love you so

16 April 2005 8:46 pm 0 comments

Okay. So I passed my driving test. But I'm still a shit ass driver, I reckon. I was quite bored yesterday morning, waiting for my turn. Turns out I was the second last person to do the test. No wonder. I skipped Amran's class to make it for the test.

Well anyway. So I went there and I was alone because pretty much all my friends have their licenses already, anyway. I was bloody bored and also lonely.. Feeling shitty but surprisingly, not scared at all. There were a bunch of malay girls sitting behind me going on and on and on about how scared and takut they were and I was just like, yea yea, whatever. And oh, I'm not saying this shit just to sound uber cool or anything.

So this JPJ guy comes and tells me to get into the car.. And by the way he couldn't pronounce 'Brenda'.. He pronounced it something like 'brudder'. That pissed me off but it's okay.. I just drove lah.. And I passed on the dot.. 16/20.. Wahahaha. I passed anyway. Apparently these are my offenses [actually.. these are the things I didn't do properly] :

7. Guna brek kaki dan tangan dengan betul.
13. Memotong dengan cara yangf betul dan menggunakan cermin pandang belakang sebelum membelok.
16. Memandu di selekoh dengan cara yang betul, perlahan dan ikut lorong yang betul.
17. Tidak menukar lorong dengan tergesa-gesa di kawasan kesesakan lalulintas.

Well. Fuck you. :) But anyway I passed the other stuff although they said I was 2 seconds slow to park the car and whatnot. 2 seconds. Geez. So that was my yesterday. It was really tiring cos I had night class as well.

Today was a brilliant day. :) I had the best fun with my baby.


15 April 2005 10:10 pm 0 comments

I passed my driving test!


13 April 2005 11:58 pm 0 comments

I am currently annoyed because some guy has been sending me text messages for the past two days, claiming he got my phone number off friendster. First of all, I do not give out my phone number online, what more in friendster...? That's bull. So I've been ignoring him, because frankly, I don't need shit from people who are just trying to bug me. I'm not trying to be mean or anything.. I mean, if people are really honest about being friends I wouldn't be shit to them.. But you can just tell who's genuine and who's not, you know?

So anyway.. I log into friendster to see if my phone number or any information which is too personal is actually posted on my profile or anything.. And well, I find nothing. So now I'm wondering if this is some stupid friendster malfunction or.. well, basically, what the fuck la..

You know what? I can't be fucked at all. Just because I have my picture up on friendster or whatnot it does not mean that I am trying to be picked up by random strangers. Okay?

I took Skye [my rabbit] to Wazir's house today.. He needed more space and also my grandma and sis didn't like having him around anymore.. Brynna just kind of got sick of him but I love Skye to death and the thought of giving him to someone was terrible.. So he's at Wazir's now and I know he'll be safe and he's still my baby. I miss him so much.

Now I am going back to watch tv and finish my damn restaurant sketch model and hopefully no idiot is going to disturb me. Night guys. Sorry for ranting.


10 April 2005 7:56 pm 0 comments

I've been so busy doing my college work and getting frustrated with my crappy internet connection that I haven't had time to blog.. Will be back somewhere this week anyway.

I painted my toe nails today :)

05 April 2005 6:03 pm 0 comments

I went for my driving lesson and apparently I'm ready for my test. But somehow, I just feel so lazy to do the test. I know it's no different, and everyone has to go through it sooner or later, but I just don't want to deal with it now. But I'll have to. Maybe next Friday.

My internet connection is being fucked up again today.. Sheesh. I really can't take this anymore. What's the point of having a wireless network if it's so hard to be detected? I'd rather drag a fucking long wire into my room everytime I want to use the net. Do you know how frustrating it is when you are chatting with someone online then you get disconnected. Then again. And again. And again? Cable network unplugged, my arse!

Sorry. *blush* I'm venting.

Anyway. I went shopping with Wazir yesterday. It was fun.. We got him some stuff and me a new belly ring. It's really pretty.. It's got this little blue star on the bottom half, with 3 small hearts dangling from it. So that's no more shopping for me this month.. Have to budget. I wish I were rich. It would be nice.

I'm off now.. Starved.


01 April 2005 10:57 pm 1 comments

What's this? I logged into gmail today and they're giving us infinity storage? No shit.. 1 MB GB is already more than enough.. And now they're giving us so much more..

Hmmm... Now all I have to do is find more friends who will write to me.

Speaking of friends.. I feel like I've been rather antisocial recently. It's not that I don't want to be around people, but I find myself getting bored really easily and all I want to do is be at home tucked in my bed watching tv. What's wrong with me? I'm not unfriendly.. And I'm not unlikable.. Right? Ever since I started college my mobile has been more quiet than ever. Perhaps it's also because of the fact that I'm studying in a different college from all my friends, and I have a boyfriend; so it makes me offlimits to certain people. I noticed that a lot of people are afraid to call me in case I'm "busy".

Anyway, I had 2 dreams last night ::
1. I was preggers. My tummy was so round and I had trouble walking.. Hehe.. And my hubby was of course, Wazir. :)

2. I was like, some famous person. I don't remember why. That was strange.. What are the odds of me, or even my blog being famous? Geez.

But the weirdest dream I've ever had so far was the one I had last week :: I dreamt that [guys beware] I got my period.. And it was green in colour.. That was sooo sick, when I woke up I freaked out. Lol.

Dad ditched the old monitor and now I've got a flat panel monitor.. It's so nice and big and clear. :)
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