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I am boring.

29 September 2007 11:55 pm 0 comments

I am getting horribly bad at maintaining this blog. But honestly, what is there to write?

Dear all, today I woke up at noon and cooked lunch. Then I spent 4 hours sitting on the floor, working on my model; that by the time I was done my back ached. Then I helped to cook dinner/set the table and after dinner I spent 5 hours talking to Wazir before I slept.

-.- Damn lame right? But really. Life at the moment is rather meh -- but I try to get by everyday by just telling myself that I'm here to study, and my coursework comes first.. And my final presentation is in just a month!! [I don't know whether to be happy it'll be over soon or panic because it's too soon and there's lots of work ahead of me this month. -.-]

I had a one week break this week but it's nearly over, and I got a reasonable amount of work done. Hasn't been that much fun though. -.- Oh wells. Oh but I managed to do some shopping and also meet up with Sabrina. :)

And so I shall supplement this otherwise boring post with a couple of rather recent pictures.

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We went to the tulip farm last weekend.

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It was the Dutch weekend.

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Temporary housemate Jirawat just went back to Thailand..

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Lohon's birthday. I have terrible posture. -.-

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Family photo.

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An older one back from Kiat's birthday.


It feels good to be able to download new tv series. My nights were getting boring. :) With Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars cancelled, this brings my weekly shows down to 1012: Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Prison Break, House, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, My Name is Earl, Ugly Betty, American Dad, Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, and Family Guy. Shit. I'm more addicted than I thought I was. 0.0

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I love you Wazir. <3


17 September 2007 7:37 pm 0 comments

I miss you so much. :(

Love you dear. <3

Week 10

16 September 2007 7:29 pm 0 comments

So, yeah. Pictures. Not very flattering, however, considering the err, circumstances.

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Assam laksa yum yum.

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Family photo. Eww we all look gross, lol.

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l-r; standing :: wern yii, su jin, denise, weng kiat, hazman, eugene, ralph, elieen, wei xuan, me, ken, lynn, jackchi, loy yang.
below :: lohon, hubert, jackkim

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Cake :)

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We couldn't find the smaller knife. -.-

This week has been so blah. Everyone's on holiday for 2 weeks now but RMIT's holiday starts only next week, and lasts for only 1 week. -.- I'm exhausted. Been working on the same projects continuously since the semester began.. So sien.

I love you Wazir. <3

Happy Birthday me!

10 September 2007 2:21 pm 4 comments

Funny thing happened yesterday -- I woke up at 9.09am, then fell back asleep. Well normally it wouldn't be weird but considering that it was the 9th of September; I woke up at 9.09am on 09/09. :)

My flatmates, neighbours and friends threw me an awesome party on the eve of my birthday! I was under the impression that we were just having our usual weekly dinners with our usual bunch of friends, but I knew that there would be a cake too; since Loy Yang asked me what cake I wanted a week ago, lol. I thought it was going to be a fairly casual thing anyways, so when they all said that we were going to the nearby park to hang out, I didn't expect a cake; and a massive foodfight!! I won't go into specifics now, but I'll put up pictures later when I get them.

Plus there was a cheesecake waiting back at the house when we were done. It was pretty awesome. The food fight carried on and the house was left in quite a mess. -.- Lol. Thanks everyone, for coming, planning, and everything. :) And to Lynn, Loy Yang, Lohon (Wah so many Ls) and Jack for the lovely gifts. I feel special. :) I love you all muches.

The rest of my birthday was spent at one of my favourite places -- DFO. Lol. I went shopping alone, for some me time, since everyone was busy studying for exams anyway. It's nice to have a good reason to buy myself stuff. :)

And I spent all night talking to my dearest Wazir. <33

Anyways, thanks everyone for all the lovely wishes. I didn't think that I'd be getting that many wishes this year, because I'm in Australia now -- new address, new phone number -- it's hard to keep in touch. But Facebook and Friendster does really help in that sense. :)


07 September 2007 10:11 pm 4 comments

1. I am a stressball. It just hit me today. I've been keeping myself so calm for the first 8 weeks of this semester and today I suddenly feel overwhelmed. I feel like crying.

2. ID Updates ::
♥ Mid semester for design studio was Tuesday. My group didn't win the competition, although I am told we were close. We are now to design and detail the winning group's masterplan. No more groupwork; all individual work now. :(
Digital video is getting tougher. Have to come up with a concept that concerns interior design/architectural concerns/ideas and start filming.
History/Theory class is time consuming as usual. Reading excerpts, model making, and essay writing. The essay worries me.

3. I seem to have a knack for losing track of dates and wishing people happy birthday a day late. -.- I feel like a horrible friend.

4. I just got voIP installed. Now I have a local Malaysian landline phone number that you can call from Malaysia for local Telekom rates. If anyone wants the number, let me know.

5. It is spring now, here in Melbourne.

6. I am nearly 20. Come this Sunday I am no more a teenager. I'm sad that I won't be able to celebrate with the usual dinner with mum, sis, boyf, grandma, aunt & Jakob; and the separate lunch/dinner with dad, sis, Ah Yi and Brandon. :( But I have new friends here to celebrate with. :) [Well, when mum was here we went out for dinner on her birthday and had champagne and toasted to both our birthdays. :) Double celebration.]

7. I need to calm down.


01 September 2007 8:36 pm 2 comments

Happy Merdeka, Malaysia.

No, I did not go for any celebrations this year, simply because I think it's just weird to celebrate and count down Merdeka by going clubbing and drinking the night away; and I didn't go for any of those Malaysian society organized dinners because my mum was in Melbourne and we went out for a nice quiet dinner together.

But I do miss the fireworks and counting down. Last year's Merdeka was pretty special to me -- barbequing at Cenfad, watching the KLCC fireworks from the ramp, and singing Negaraku at midnight; with some great friends. It was brilliant. Oh, how I miss home.

Mum has just left for the airport; we had a great week together, and now I'm left feeling a little bit empty, with a gap to fill, but I know I will get over it soon. Everytime she comes it gets easier to say goodbye, and I know I'm lucky enough to even have her here. We went out for a nice dinner on Wednesday to celebrate her birthday. :) And my upcoming birthday too. Hehe.

Mid semester presentations/assignments are all happening/due this week and next week, and so far everything's been going rather smoothly. I think I've been planning my time much better now. Or maybe it's because so far I've had quite a number of group work, so I have to push myself to get the work done so I don't compromise the entire group too.

I haven't been online in a week; I have so much downloading and random surfing to do!! Hehe. The internet in the hotel was extremely expensive, it was so ridiculous. What rubbish. I think it was like 28 dollars for like just a couple of hours or less.. I can't remember. But it was ridiculous.

And so, now it is time to go back to life once more -- throwing myself back into my course work. Cooking and cleaning. Chatting with mum and dad over the phone. Skyping with Wazir. I might give myself a break tonight, seeing as it's already 10.30pm. I seem to have this limit, where I can only do work until late evening or so, then after that my brain just shuts off and tells me it's time to rest. So I always finish my work by evening. I don't see how some people can do work all night and not sleep -- I guess it's just not the way I work. I always plan ahead because last minute work scares me -- I need a backup plan just in case anything goes wrong. I'm super paranoid, heh.
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