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Signs of aging maturity

23 June 2010 10:01 pm , , , 1 comments

1. You'd rather stay in than go out, or have friends over, rather than drive out to some crowded mall for dinner.
2. Weekends used to be spent wandering around shopping malls, but you prefer to stay in, cuddle and do house chores these days. It actually gives you a sense of accomplishment.
3. You can cook. Not just Maggi mee, but actual dishes. And you help your mother out in the kitchen.
4. You get excited about setting up a new bank account so you can manage your own finances and transactions.
5. You feel proud that you can treat your parents to meals, and not just using saved up money that they gave you, but money you earned with your own time and hard work.
6. You have a ton of bills to pay and to contribute towards - utilities, mobile phone, petrol... You don't want your parents to pay for that much anymore, because it's your own responsibility now. No more frantic calls to dad from the mall, asking Dad, can I please buy (insert item here) on the credit card please?; you just charge it to his card, but you pay him back the following month.
7. You meet your client(s) and have to stop yourself from calling them Aunty/Uncle, because they are now Mrs/Mr ___. You have to be professional, you're an employee now, not a student anymore!
8. When you first started work, you used to feel excited because it was a new phase in life, but now you dread the long hours. You have become one of those people who preach to others, Make sure you enjoy your student years, because it will probably be the best time of your life.
9. You go back to your primary/high school alma mater to watch a school production, and see your ex-teachers and they ask you when you are going to get married, and you can actually answer maybe soon, in fact, that's my boyfriend just over there and not get mocked. You also realize that some of those teachers have known you since you were a 6 year old crybaby. You actually feel incredibly nostalgic (I went to the same school for 11 years). (Btw, Cempaka School's Box Office Production this year, Beauty & the Beast was good! I was pleasantly surprised and impressed! Now why wasn't I that talented when I was a teen...?)
10. You've been in a relationship that has lasted over the duration of 2 World Cups already.
11. You met your boyfriend when you were still a teenager. (I was 16, he was 21; and now I'm going to be 23 this year (What?!!), and he'll be.. Well, you do the math.)
12. You constantly look back and wonder where ALL the years went and feel nostalgic about it. (Yeah yeah I know I'm not really that old though, but it does feel like time is flying way too fast for me to catch up with!)

Wow I really do love making lists. I could go on and on and on but for this blog's sake I should stop.


17 June 2010 10:47 pm 0 comments

Had a check up today. It is the medication making me cranky woot! So I can be a bitch without actually being a bitch, if that makes any sense...? It was pretty funny; I spoke to my doctor about my mood swings, and also about the muscle cramps that I've been experiencing, and she said ok, that's good, now it's time to reduce your dosage lol. She also said it's a good sign that I've been gaining weight (although in my mind I was thinking FML I've gained like 5kgs since starting treatment, I've got a good mind to get off the medication. I kid, I kid.).

She also told me about some patients who would get incredibly impatient and pace up and down her office while waiting for their appointment, to the extent of scaring other patients also waiting. Good thing it's nowhere near that extreme with me, I don't think anyone would want to put up with me otherwise, let alone Wazir! :P


16 June 2010 7:33 pm 0 comments

I don't want to be this grump anymore. Lately, I find myself blowing up at people (namely Wazir and my family) for no real reason; I get really agigated, only to realize 10 minutes later that it really wasn't a big deal, or that it was my fault anyway.

I wonder if it's the medication making me irritated, or if it's the built-up frustration of having to compromise to live with others again.

Or maybe I'm just a bitch, although I don't want to admit it.
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