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17 June 2010 10:47 pm 0 comments

Had a check up today. It is the medication making me cranky woot! So I can be a bitch without actually being a bitch, if that makes any sense...? It was pretty funny; I spoke to my doctor about my mood swings, and also about the muscle cramps that I've been experiencing, and she said ok, that's good, now it's time to reduce your dosage lol. She also said it's a good sign that I've been gaining weight (although in my mind I was thinking FML I've gained like 5kgs since starting treatment, I've got a good mind to get off the medication. I kid, I kid.).

She also told me about some patients who would get incredibly impatient and pace up and down her office while waiting for their appointment, to the extent of scaring other patients also waiting. Good thing it's nowhere near that extreme with me, I don't think anyone would want to put up with me otherwise, let alone Wazir! :P

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