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28 December 2007 12:14 am 2 comments

I'm off to HK for a few days.. Here's wishing all of you a Happy New Year. :)

Merry Christmas

25 December 2007 10:52 pm 0 comments

Merry Christmas!!

And Happy Birthday to dear daddy. :)

Happy holidays

23 December 2007 3:38 am 0 comments

I have officially finished clearing my giant boxes of stuff at my dad's house.

It's really sad saying goodbye officially to the old house -- walking into the empty, stuffy house, with nothing left in it but old sofas and built in furniture. Obviously I don't remember moving into that house 18 years ago but it's going to be weird to not live there anymore. Everytime I enter my old, pink, girly room I feel like the little kid I used to be, there are too many memories surrounding that place. So moving away is a good thing too.

Brandon has grown into one of the cutest babies ever! He's walking and kind of talking now and it's absolutely adorable.

Photobucket Photobucket
Brandon doing one of his favourite things -- driving. Pay attention to the road!

Anyway, some pictures from Wazir's birthday -- it was really fun! It was his first birthday since his mum and brother moved back to KL so I finally got to meet his mum -- kind of funny, after us being together for close to 4 years already. We had dinner with my family and drinks after with his. Dear, I'm so glad that everything has been going so well, and that you are considered a part of this family.

Brynna, me, Wazir and Uncle Jakob. 25 years young! Dear god, Wazir, you don't look 25 at all.

I've been so busy lately with my Christmas shopping and all. And today, I am done. No more buying gifts, no more wrapping. Just 2 days to Christmas!!

Monster attacking our (little) Christmas tree! I love Christmas. It's also my dad's birthday.

Family photo.

As much as I love being home, I do miss my Melbourne family. Lynn, I hope you're having fun in Korea (hehe winter!!), and LY, happy working! Hahaha.. Miss you guys! Honestly, I'm not really looking forward to going back to Melb in Feb, but thanks to you guys life there is so much more fun. Good housemates really do make a difference. :)

LY, me and Lynn. Sometime early in the year.

The most ever (and only) emo picture of us. So emo that it would make LY proud.

I love you Wazir. ;)

Happy Birthday Wazir!

09 December 2007 11:28 pm 0 comments

Happy birthday dear.

Will update later. :)


07 December 2007 3:48 pm 0 comments

Wow getting online has been particularly difficult lately. I hardly get to use internet at mum's as everytime I'm home my laptop is held hostage -- everyone wants to watch videos off my laptop. -.- Dad's place doesn't have a phone line installed yet so we're making do with maxis wireless broadband. That makes 4 computers and one wireless modem. You do the math.
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