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I am so happy

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Yesterday before class I lent Wazir the Sepet vcd, and he suggested we watch it while waiting for class to begin on my teacher's laptop. One thing led to another and next thing I knew we were watching Sepet for class instead of having a lecture. :) That was a fun class. Lol. :)

Anyway. I'm so happy. I just talked to Joanne online. I haven't heard from her since she left M'sia in January. :)


30 March 2005 1:17 pm 1 comments

There's nothing like a good talk with that special someone to make you feel better about yourself. There are things you can reveal which you could never tell anyone else. I feel so comfortable with Wazir.. That's why he's perfect for me. We understand each other. I've come to know him so well that I can now read his voice and emotions so well.

Another earthquake hit Asia mid last night. Eh. 2 nights ago. I was happily watching my Chinese drama series on ntv7 when suddenly it was interrupted for "breaking news". I admit, I was pissed.. Wtf breaking news? But.. shit.. Another earthquake.. Northern Sumatera, 8.7 [I think] Richter scale? I didn't feel any tremors but people living in the buildings near mine did. Well thank god no tsunami.. so far. I don't think the world has had enought time to get over the last one yet.

Today Stacy, Anthony and I have to go round Mont'Kiara, Desa Sri Hartamas, Plaza Damas and Hartamas Shopping Centre taking pictures and sketches of restaurant signages, layouts, design, etc.. Research for our next project. Group research is always more fun than individual work. :)

fuck it

28 March 2005 10:23 pm 0 comments

Virgo August 23 - September 22
You might as well grab a wooden staff and put on some flowing robes. You're like an ancient philosopher today, full of curious questions and deep thoughts. Share your wisdom with your fellow students-of-life.

Fuck it. My computer is being real shitty today, it's extremely laggy and keeps disconnecting me... &&%#@&!!!

Woke up at 1pm so today's been a short day. The more I sleep, the more tired I am, so I'll prolly be asleep again by 2am.

Wazir and I picked Brynna up from school today. Watching the little kiddies run about kind of made me miss school.. Pissing the teachers off.. Staying back for extra curricular activities... Aihhh...

It's my grandma's brthday so Wazir and I dropped by Secret Recipe to buy a few slices of cake. I asked for 5 slices of cake.. Those silly young boys gave me too much change at first, but of course I returned it, I'm such an honest person. ;) But then when I got home I realized that they gave me 6 slices of cake... So silly!! Intentional or accidental? Hmmm.

Have to finish some work for David's class tomorrow....

and i need you now tonight

26 March 2005 12:28 am 0 comments

Virgo August 23 - September 22
Don't freak out if you can't make up your mind today, even about the most trivial subjects. There's not much you can do about it for a day or two as your mind will just see the best in everything.

I just spent my last half an hour arguing with a 47-year-old online.. Long story, I'm feeling so annoyed that I don't want to talk about it now. Don't worry, I'm fine. I'm not being harrassed or anything. :P

Page One at Lot 10 is having a moving out sale.. Went today but I didn't have much cash as it wasn't planned. Might drop by again tomorrow with mum... :) Yay. Want to get some craft and some interior architecture books. Then I've got driving lesson in the afternoon.. Finally.

Good night guys.

I miss you, Wazir.. :(


25 March 2005 12:43 am 1 comments

Yay, yay, more pictures! Anyway here are a few pictures of the architect's house that I visited.. Remember I promised some photos? Enjoy, anyway. :) Oh, same thing applies: click on thumbnail to view larger photo. :)

Image hosted by
Front of house [duh]

Image hosted by
This is in the basement.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
I love this.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
This staircase is so cool.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
The swimming pool.

There are so many more pictures.. Too many. :P Anyway notice the materials used are like so natural.. That trip was definitely worth waking up at 9am for. ;)

productive vs upset

24 March 2005 11:56 pm 0 comments

All in all, today was rather disappointing. Those who know me well would know that I work better when I'm feeling angry or upset; and therefore I finished my Design Communication assignment in 3 hours, which is due in approximately one more month. I also finished my ID Studio presentation board due Monday.

Here it is [more or less finished]. It's a board on the Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehry. Click on thumbnail for larger versh ::

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

But hey.. Don't use this excuse to piss me off or aggravate me.. :P I may be more productive but who likes feeling like shit, eh?

I'm off to watch Latte at 8. I love my tv. Can't keep me away from it.

PS>> I keep missing messages sent to me through MSN Messenger. Whenever I'm away from the comp I get tons of messages but when I'm back in front of the comp it's too late. Anyway I just wanted to apologise.. If I were here of course I'd reply.. :)

I'm in a good mood today.

23 March 2005 5:59 pm 4 comments

So I finally got around to watching Yasmin Ahmad's Sepet today.. It was good.. [despite the fact that I had 2nd row seats and my neck was aching throughout the movie] The ending did get me thinking though.. I suppose it's open to interpretation. I thought it was going to be an extremely sappy movie but it was surprisingly moving.. Really, it was quite sweet. I feel so lucky to have Wazir. I recall a few days ago, when I suggested we watch Sepet, he commented, "Why would I want to watch Sepet when I see it everyday already?". Lol. Btw, for those who don't know, sepet means small eyes [like slits], commonly found in chinese. Hmmmpphh. Anyway you all should watch it.

Today's horoscope ::
Virgo August 23 - September 22
You feel totally inspired to make things work better around the house or at school (or even at work, if that's where your heart is). Get busy and they won't know what hit them.

That is true. Nothing beats the satisfaction you get after cleaning your room. I was to complete some work last night but then I got so annoyed looking at my drafting table that I was inspired to clear it. This led to further cleaning of my room. So now I don't see model board, stationery, and previous projects all over the house. I feel happy. :)

I don't remember if I mentioned this or not, but last Friday Yen and Sun came over and we baked pizza. :) It was such a blast and you all want to see pictures right? [Sun, if you want the original photos, ask me, k?]

Image hosted by
Floating vege. :) [Sun insisted we soak them in salt water. Yen being the hygienic freak she is was quick to do so.]

Image hosted by
Sun and me in the kitchen.

"How do you chop mushrooms, Sun?" asks Yen.
"By the cross-section."
And this is the result ::
Image hosted by
Haha. Sun and I laughed our asses off. :P

Image hosted by

to this
Image hosted by
I baked it for Wazir.. I'm brilliant. ;)

And the pizza actually tasted pretty good! [Well to tell the truth, it was all thanks to Sun. Yen and I were pretty much like "Sun, what do you want us to do next?" constantly.] :P

There is one picture of Yen that I am so tempted to post but she'd so kill me if I did.. so I won't.

Okay, it's going to rain heavily so I'm off to finish some work!

Oh, I put in a new section [underneath my friends' links] on a few blogs which I visit every now and then.. [Although recently I haven't had much time to bloghop :( ] Enjoy.


22 March 2005 4:34 pm 0 comments

I'm near broke. But Wazir wants to watch House of Fury and I soooo want to watch Sepet before it closes at the cinemas...!!!!!


Driving lesson cancelled today because car broke down. Do you realize the irony in that?


I am an overly paranoid person.

21 March 2005 9:32 pm 0 comments

Virgo August 23 - September 22
You're surrounded by bossy folks, and all you want is to be left alone. Hiding out won't solve the problem -- but a little patience will.

I'm currently feeling annoyed.. I feel that I did well for my first two projects for ID Studio class and I received a B- for my mid-term grade. In fact, the lecturer did say that my first two projects were successful, so why do I deserve such a bad grade? We got a new lecturer today for that subject, though. Hopefully it's for the better..

No class tomorrow and am hoping that my driving instructor is free. Actually I hate going for driving lessons but I just want to get this over with as soon as possible.

My digital camera won't start again and now I have to take it to the shop again and this is pissing me off.


S'pore trip

16 March 2005 9:44 pm 0 comments

A few photos from the trip ::

Most of these are of Chijmes [pronounced 'Chimes'], this place which I had to go to for my assignment.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
The stained glass on the church was so beautiful at night...

Image hosted by
This is at the UOB business centre.. [At least that's what I think it's called]

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I don't deal with disappointment very well. Right now I have to come to terms with the fact[s] that ::

- Stacy and I wasted money on cab fare going to Shangri La over the weekend, and we didn't even get the [very well paying] job. We're only on standby, because we missed the stupid interview.
- I planned to watch a couple of movies with Wazir this Friday and due to *certain* circumstances, we had to cancel.

My parents expect me to stay home and do nothing. It frustrates me that I'm on my semester break and I want to have fun but I can't. When I have work to do I get so stressed and now I want to destress and instead I'm stuck home, with my Astro cut off and my internet connection fucking wonky. I can't even get my license because my lecturer balik kampung this week.

I know I might come across as a brat. Maybe I am clingy, although I hate to admit it. But give me some credit, I'm pmsing right now and I'm feeling extremely lonely and vulnerable at the same time. Hate this time of the month. >.< Feel like such an idiot -- I don't get crazy cramps or mood swings, but I just cry a lot and I can't help it. It's fucked.

A series of unfortunate events

13 March 2005 9:43 pm 1 comments

I helped my college [Cenfad] out at the Education Fair at Mid Valley today.. Wazir stayed over last night and we went to Mid V together this morning..

Last week my lecturer Amran told Stacy and I that his friend was looking for a few girls to sell merchandise at this Ferrari booth in Sepang next week.. He told us that we should give it a try and go for the interview that was scheduled to be today. Pay about RM200-300 per day, and transport and hotel provided [Shangri La]. Sounds good? Definitely. So today Stacy and I went to Shangri La KL to meet this lady for the interview during our lunch break at the education fair.. And gosh, taking cabs to KL sure is expensive.. And guess what? When we got there, we couldn't find the lady. I know. How frustrating is that? We didn't have a picture or a phone number, just the venue. The place was packed as some university had just held some graduation there that afternoon, and Stacy and I were wearing these horrendous XL Cenfad tshirts [they ran out of sizes]. So.....

I called Amran, since I figured that I could call him if I ran into any complications. And guess what.. He was sleeping and I couldn't contact him.. Then his phone ran out of battery. So we walked around for nearly an hour trying to find this woman.. When we realized that we had to get back to Mid Valley since our break had long ended. So we caught another cab and went back [and may I add, we got caught in the Mid V afternoon jam]. Sigh. Frustrating day, wouldn't any of you agree?

So. On to better things. Helping out at the fair was alright, there were so many people. It was slightly discouraging as most people aren't very into design; I suppose most SPM leavers already have their heart set on doing A Levels. Or perhaps they're just unsure. But most who were interested were into Interior Design. :) Woot. :) Anyways I remember this girl asked me a very silly question ::

Girl :: Can you tell me, what is the difference between Communicaton [Graphic] Design and Fashion Design?

Me :: Well, erm, Communication is actually Graphic Design, whilst Fashion is, well, fashion...

Gosh. Strangeness, eh?

So I got home at 7pm feeling so tired that I actually had to take a nap. That is so rare. But I was just that exhausted from the travelling and talking and worrying and everything that I had to go through today. But hey, on the bright side, I was paid for helping out and today I have so much to blog about for you guys to read. Happy? Wahaha. I'm a nerd.

wish on a falling star

12 March 2005 4:21 pm 0 comments

Visited this architect's house in Shah Alam this morning and it was such a bloody nice house... But as usual, I forgot my camera so will have to grab pictures off Stacy again. >.< I stayed at Wazir's last night since it's so nearby his place.

Mid term break starts today!! :) Am so happy.. Although I have some work to submit this coming Monday, and I also have class on Saturday, and I have to redo my model by next Monday. Eep. Now that I've actually typed out all I have to do it doesn't seem like much of a break after all. Damn.

I need to finish my stupid driving lessons and take my exam but I am so lazy and I don't want to waste my holiday doing this shit... Sigh.. Anyway I tried contacting my instructor but I can't get through... :(

Have a good weekend guys.

11 March 2005 12:35 pm 0 comments

I am frustrated but I can't let it show. I feel annoyed but I won't let you know. I just suck it in and pretend I don't mind, when a part of me feels bad for even feeling annoyed.

I'm so hungry!

09 March 2005 2:18 pm 0 comments

Virgo August 23 - September 22
If there's a sweetie in your life, things might get difficult with them. Try not to criticize a single thing all day long -- that'll totally help.

Uh-oh. Trouble in paradise?

Finally got around to customizing my cbox, although it still looks a little strange to me. I really can't be bothered much. I've got class in 10 minutes and I'm still sitting at home, waiting for Wazir. We're constantly late for Amran's class and I'm starting to feel bad.

I've got to go anyway. Still haven't uploaded any pictures from S'pore trip because I've been so busy. Take care!

New tagboard

07 March 2005 10:35 pm 0 comments

Have changed the tagboard. Thanks Seng Yip for letting me know about doodle-board becoming paid-only. They could've sent me an email to inform me.. Jeez. Anyway. Yeah. Tag aight? :)

Too little time...

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I'm soooo tired!

My weekend was okay. Saturday I spent all day at Wazir's and had seafood for dinner. :) Dad actually invited Wazir to join us and mentioned that there would be no porl [obviously]. That was a shocker. I suppose my dad already knows about him and is perhaps starting to accept it?

Yesterday I decided not to do any work and was at my grandma's the whole day. Uncle Danny and Aunt Rose are here from USA so all the relatives were over to visit. I love my niece Jia Chi, she's so adorable. She can speak minimal english, and she's about 3 or 4. She kept telling me "You no go home!" throughout the day, but towards the evening, it had improved to "You cannot go home!". I'm proud of myself. And when I finally had to leave for him she began to cry. I felt so bad. I miss her already. :( One day I shall get a pic and post it.

We just got back from Singapore and already my classmates are talking about going to Bangkok in May to shop. Sounds good.. :) In fact, mention shopping anytime and you've got my attention.

Heard that the SPM results are coming out this Thursday. Good luck to all waiting by the way. :)

I'm too tired. I'm going to watch tv. My eyes have been hurting though. I haven't worn my contacts in more than a week already, but my eyes feel sore and tired constantly. It's bugging me but I can't do much about it. :( Well anyway, night all.

Yay yay

04 March 2005 10:55 pm 5 comments

Arggghhh computers are so pissing me off right now!!! My computer at my mum's house is so inconsistent.. It works sometimes then it keeps disconnecting at other times. I have to place the router somewhere else for more coverage or something.. Sheesh. The computer in my room at dad's somehow won't open browsers. IE or Mozilla won't open!! And the computer downstairs at dad's has some dumbass problem with the monitor.. It's like really stretched out or something.

*screams out loud*

I haven't been able to update and I've got like 3 blog updates saved on my desktop at my mum's which I haven't been able to post. Lol. :P Anyway I'm sorry for not updating or visiting. :/ I can't post any pictures now because all the pictures are on my other computer.

Anyway. Singapore was great. The best part of it was it supposedly being a school trip... And it didn't feel like one at all. Then again, the lecturer's cool and we had so much fun.. Hotel was aight, and Singapore's so small that transport ain't a problem at all.. Shopping was a blast.. Wazir and I bought so much stuff. Now I have to get out of the shopping mood. :P

Erm. Is it me, or is doodle-board not working? Oh well.

This week has been rather stressing. I've had quite a lot of work to do, everything's just piling up. *sigh* Will be going to Wazir's tomorrow to finish up some work, he's helping me out. Don't know what I'd do without him. :) Anyway thank goodness I have a midterm break the week after this coming one.. But it's only one week's break though. But after this semester I get summer break, which I'm looking forward to. :)

Anyway I'm really tired. Going to rest. Hope you all are great. :) Have a great weekend! <33
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