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24 June 2008 4:56 pm 0 comments

I miss him already.

Emotional fool, that's me.

22 June 2008 5:37 pm 2 comments

So the holidays are unofficially here (I say unofficial since I still have my portfolio to hand in next Friday), but somehow I'm not feeling too hyped.

This semester has been insane. I've spent sooo much money on my projects -- I've never spent this much in one semester before. But all in all I'm satisfied with the work I've produced, so it should be worth it.

Wazir leaves for Malaysia in two days, and since my presentation ended and preparing for the exhibition, it's been a crazy whirlwind of shopping for things for him to take home, gifts, and packing. Plus, we somehow thought that his flight was a day later than it actually is, thus I lost one day once we figured it out. -.-

Feeling sad that he's leaving, although it's only for 3 weeks -- spending 4 months with nearly every waking moment together has spoiled me. I think the longest time we spent apart was those 3 days when I went camping, lol. Well sad as I am, I guess it should be good to have some time to myself. I have lots of cleaning, filing and organizing to do, which I somehow keep putting off. -.-


17 June 2008 7:10 pm 0 comments

My final studio presentation is tomorrow.

Wazir found a white hair on my head a couple of days ago.

Thanks, RMIT.
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